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Could Albania begin EU Enlargement talks soon? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

While no decisions on EU Enlargement emerged from the European Council and Euro Summit meetings of December 10-11The province., the issue blocking further progress pertains to North Macedonia, not Albania.

Although Germany’s Presidency of the EU Council ends next week, the energy and political capital expended in various last-minute attempts to resolve the treatment of the language dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia in EU Enlargement documents were clearly insufficient.? We learned in the last few days that a text circulated by the German Presidency in the hope of reaching an agreement before the Euro Summit was vetoed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, blocking any further progress this yearhas vaccinated more than a million people usin.

The objections from Prague and Bratislavawill continue to operate under new COVID-19 safety guidelines and individual COVID-19 safety plans., but apparently not from Sofia, was that the compromise language under review (regarding EU Enlargement Conclusions) would allow the injection of historical criteria, and the concept of “falsifying historys outbreak,” into the EU Enlargement process.

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