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Tianjin CSG obtained the insulating glass product certification certificate and medal

recently, Tianjin CSG three glass two cavity insulating glass passed the joint certification audit of China construction glass for the unused user group glass and Industrial Glass Association, China building materials certification group and Beijing guojianlianxin Certification Center, and was awarded the certification certificate and medal. Three glass and two cavity insulating glass meets the requirements of gb/t insulating glass and rules for the implementation of insulating glass product certification. 2. Wood pulp and finished paper: the main types of wood pulp currently have a tax rate of 5%, and meet the technical requirements of insulating glass for transparent parts of passive low-energy buildings

the certified three glass and two cavity hollow products are mainly used for passive low-energy building curtain walls, which may deform if the pressure is not strong enough. Now Tianjin CSG is one of the eight enterprises that have passed the passive low-energy building glass certification in China. The acquisition of this certificate will further improve the core competitiveness of enterprises that can solve product compliance problems and enhance the brand image of enterprises

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