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Tianjin ding'anda Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin, China's high-end glass production base. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating glass wholesale, logistics and transportation, glass machinery and glass chemical industry

Founded in 1990, the company is the largest glass wholesaler in Beijing and Tianjin. The company is mainly engaged in glass wholesale, selling white glass, ultra white, colored glass coating and Low-E glass from more than a dozen manufacturers, with a complete range of products and highly integrated resources. Mr. Zhang Jian, the general manager of the company, is an excellent young entrepreneur in the glass industry and an expert in the integration of China's glass resources. He has responded to the needs of market development and has a long-term vision. He has further expanded his business to glass logistics and transportation, glass machinery and glass chemical industry, and gradually formed a new pattern in which glass wholesale drives logistics and transportation, and logistics and transportation assist glass wholesale, glass machinery and glass chemical industry to develop together

in terms of geographical strategic layout, in addition to the Tianjin headquarters base and the Beijing office, our company also set up a 3000 square meter transit warehouse in Shahe, Hebei Province, for storing local blank glass resources such as Tangshan Lanxin and other manufacturers' color glass coating, Qinhuangdao Hongyao and Tangshan Lanxin color glass coating, Jinjing and CSG ultra white, yaopi and Jinjing Low-E and mm ultra long ultra large plates, which are convenient for logistics, transportation and transit, as well as customers' patching up delivery needs, Completely solve the problem that customers are not easy to transfer goods due to small volume, realize the resource integration of the south to north, north to South and east to west goods transfer, and the sales radius radiates to Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other most parts of the country, effectively reduce customers' transportation costs, have an absolute advantage in price, and achieve win-win benefits for both parties

ding'anda currently has Tianjin ding'anda Logistics Co., Ltd., Tianjin rishengyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing ding'andasheng Glass Co., Ltd., Hebei Shahe ding'anda Glass Co., Ltd. Branch and Shahe ding'anda logistics branch

the company has abundant funds, perfect management system, reasonable price after starting the hydraulic system of Jinan experimental machine, and considerate service. It is 2. The minimum graduation value: 0.01j, the leader in the glass industry. All employees of the company adhere to the purpose of "customer first, common development and win-win interests" and serve our customers wholeheartedly

dad-2800 horizontal multi-function mill this is an absolutely airless mixing method: compared with the way that other manufacturers mix raw materials with air jet, the edger is a glass edging equipment independently developed by ding'anda Glass Co., Ltd. according to the needs of hollow glass factory and tempered glass factory. It has the characteristics of easy operation, fast speed, good effect and low energy consumption

1. The speed and effect of edge grinding are better than that of four sided grinding, and the specifications of complex, single pieces and special-shaped glass are better than that of two-sided grinding

2. Low-E glass can be processed

3. Glass of different specifications can be continuously loaded without manual adjustment and waiting

4. This machine can connect the side front and side film developing machines, so that the glass can be developed in one step from edge grinding to film development, which saves manpower and time, and does not hinder the four side grinding and other mechanical equipment of the original connection

5. This machine completely eliminates the problems of rough grinding edge, easy cracking in high temperature furnace, secondary debris scratch and so on caused by similar machines during processing. Easily and quickly complete the grinding of straight edges, round edges, triangles, waves and other special-shaped edges

6. Full automatic water circulation system, time controlled and temperature controlled water heating device and carbon fiber heating device

7. Its unique design of the working platform can effectively avoid glass scratches and surface indentation, and improve the glass processing speed

there are clamps at both ends of the spline. Ding anda looks forward to your visit! We are in the global glass () department at No. w of China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) (No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing)

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