The hottest Tianjin formed a green food industry,

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Tianjin has formed a green food industry with 46 products labeled with green labels

the range is small

at present, there are nearly 100 varieties of certified green food in Tianjin, and 46 products effectively use the green food mark. In addition, commercial enterprises such as Tongluo non-staple food comprehensive shopping mall actively participate in the circulation of green food, but the demonstrations that spread across the country cannot be ignored after all. A new green food industry is taking shape. This is learned from Tianjin green food office

according to the introduction, green food is a pollution-free, safe, high-quality and nutritious food that follows the principle of sustainable development and is produced in a specific way. It is recognized by special agencies and licensed to use green food signs. Both green food and pollution-free food are part of the quality and safety certification system of agricultural products, and both belong to the category of agricultural product safety. Pollution free food is the most basic market access condition to ensure people's basic needs for food quality and safety

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