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Tianjin 8890 family service network center has nearly 30000 in seven days

this Spring Festival, the telephone operators of Tianjin 8890 family service network center answered and handled people's help around the clock, and nearly 30000 were accessed in seven days, covering all aspects of people's lives. Yesterday was the first day of work after the holiday. I came to the 8890 family service network center and experienced the whole process of 8890 telephone operators dealing with problems

at 8:308890 a.m. in the family service network center, more than 40 telephone operators dressed in light gray overalls sat in front of the system, and we will certainly do our best to be busy. After accessing, they quickly inquired about relevant service departments and provided them to the public until the problem was completely solved, and then called for a follow-up visit

10:18, Ms. Wang, a citizen, broke in and said that the sewer pipe in her home was broken and the sewage overflowed. The operator quickly searched the computer for the coefficient of friction, picked up the housekeeping service company closest to Ms. Wang, and then provided it to Ms. Wang. Chen Xin, the operator, said, "during the Spring Festival, everyone may have trouble. 8890 operators strive to provide the best solution within five minutes and coordinate with relevant departments and units to quickly solve people's urgent needs."

24:00 is the time to count the quantity and quality of services every day. According to the database in the 8890 computer system, the aluminum alloy door and window handle qb/t 3889 ⑴ during the 999 Festival, the 8890 family service network center received an average of 4285 requests for help every day, all problems were properly solved, and the citizen satisfaction rate reached 100%. The person in charge of the 8890 family service network center told that during the seven days of the Spring Festival, the 8890 family service network center had access to nearly 30000 requests for help, with an average of one every three minutes. The services covered family nannies, cleaning, home appliance maintenance, water and electricity maintenance, house maintenance, transportation, shopping advice, hotel and restaurant inquiries, etc. through close cooperation with relevant departments, the people's satisfaction rate reached 100%. Tianjin North traditional regular or short fiber reinforced polymers (PA, PP, pet, ABS, etc.) are used in the coating molding operation

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