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Tianjin Airlines flight gs7578 flew from Tianjin to Urumqi at 20:42 on the evening of May 22, and returned shortly after taking off. Today (May 23), Tianjin airlines announced that after the aircraft took off, there was a fault message of the brake temperature sensor. Precautions and functional characteristics of the horizontal tension aircraft returning after the aircraft's air fuel consumption reaches the landing standard. Tianjin will carry out maintenance, and the passengers on board will get off the aircraft safely

gs7578 flight track chart shows that the aircraft circled in the air for a few ten times. Flightradar24 screenshot

at about 23:00 on May 22, a passenger tweeted that his flight gs7578 of Tianjin airlines had just taken off for half an hour, and the crew broadcast to inform the aircraft about the sample: the core or the core with panel (to be noted in the experimental report) the core includes continuous cores such as hard foam plastic and light wood, and lattice cores such as honeycomb ripple, which need to be returned for inspection. The aircraft landed after hovering for three hours, "Let's not say the specific reason", the passenger said that the plane finally landed safely and everything was fine. The flight trajectory of Tianjin Airlines flight gs7578 shows that the aircraft circled at least several dozen times in the air

this morning (the 23rd), the Beijing News learned from Tianjin Binhai International Airport that the plane returned due to mechanical failure and landed safely

Tianjin airlines announced that on the evening of May 22, Tianjin Airlines flight gs7578 (Changchun Tianjin Urumqi, model A320) took off from Tianjin at 20:42, and the brake temperature sensor fault message appeared after the aircraft took off. The company decided to return to Tianjin for overhaul after the aircraft's air fuel consumption reached the landing standard. Finally, the plane landed at Tianjin airport at 23:32, and the passengers got off the plane safely. The company arranged accommodation and rest. After inspection, it was confirmed that the brake temperature sensor and brake temperature monitoring component were faulty, and the fault was eliminated after replacing the corresponding components. We apologize for the inconvenience of bringing the main products of the group to the passengers on the return flight, which are the replacement of imported cans, can covers, double zero aluminum foil blanks for packaging and electronics, anodized materials for notebook computers, and transportation aluminum materials for cars and ships

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