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Shanghai random inspection of hazardous chemical industrial coatings Shanghai Bridge chemical products are unqualified

Shanghai random inspection of hazardous chemical industrial coatings Shanghai Bridge chemical products are unqualified

August 21, 2015

[China paint information]

radionuclide limits for building materials GB 6566 ⑵ 00119, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of the 2015 Shanghai Municipal random inspection of the quality of hazardous chemical industrial coatings products at its official, 49 batches of products were sampled, and one batch was unqualified after inspection

it is reported that the industrial coating products of hazardous chemicals are listed in the catalogue of products with national industrial product production license. There are 39 licensed production enterprises in Shanghai, of which 33 actually sampled products this time, and another 6 did not sample due to production stoppage, relocation, and only producing export products

this supervision and spot check is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage according to gb/t alkyd resin coating, gb/t phenolic resin antirust coating, GB and also has some unique properties/t phenolic resin coating, gb/t perchloroethylene resin coating, gb/t chlorinated rubber anticorrosive coating, gb/t solvent based acrylic resin coating, gb/t nitro coating, gb/t epoxy asphalt anticorrosive coating, hg/t nitro pencil paint According to the requirements of national standards and relevant standards, such as hg/t (2009) nitrolacquer thinner, hg/t (2009) amino lacquer thinner, hg/t zinc rich primer, the following items of the product have been tested: appearance and transparency, nonvolatile content, outflow time, drying time, bending test, cross cut test, stickiness, fineness, hiding power, color permeability, sagging, impact resistance, polishing, hardness, adhesion, flexibility Water resistance, oil resistance, gasoline oil resistance, volatile oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt water resistance, nitrocellulose paint resistance, heat resistance, damp heat resistance, salt spray resistance, artificial climate aging resistance, cold and hot alternate test, acid value, moisture, gel number, albinism, solubility, zinc content, etc

spot check found that a batch of epoxy coal tar pitch primer (18kg/barrel/) of Shanghai Daqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. was unqualified, and the unqualified items involved were sagging and nonvolatile content

2015 "quality first, customer first" is our company's business policy for hazardous chemicals industry. Coating quality supervision and random inspection of unqualified products

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