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On January 16, China Plastics' spot ABS market brief

China is a major feature of Bayer materials' scientific and technological innovation model. The plastic price index rose 2.58 points to 775.9 points, and the China Plastics' spot index fell 0.06 points to 882.39 points

I. what are the factors that cause the force measuring part of universal testing machine to become friction? Report:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $1.88 per barrel to $35.4 per barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell $0.39 per barrel to $44.69 per barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the intention of terminal procurement is light. Yesterday, the volume of styrene in Europe continued to fall, closing down $7 to $1/ton. At present, the output in January and February is not clear. The spot negotiation range is USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. At present, the price difference between pure benzene and styrene is 352 dollars/ton. Device: it is reported that total's device in gonfreville will be restarted in early February. The annual capacity of the device is 300000 tons. It is expected that the increase in supply will have a certain impact on the market price in February

the US styrene market rose 0.25 cents/pound on Thursday, closing at 25 55 cents/pound. Most of the goods in the U.S. market are on the way to Europe for arbitrage, and a few are exported to Asia and Latin America. The freight from the United States to Europe is about $40/ton, and the freight from the United States to major ports in Asia is about $45/ton

III. local market conditions:

today, the market price of ABS in Ningbo is basically stable, the downstream demand performance is poor, and the overall mentality is general. The quoted price of 121h Ning is yuan/ton, 757K is yuan/ton, 0215a is yuan/ton, and ac800 is yuan/ton. The above prices are tax inclusive

the light ABS market in Dongguan also provides more options. The atmosphere is mainly wait-and-see. The downstream part has been on holiday, the purchase intention is poor, and the transaction is depressed. 0215a is reported at 9100 yuan/ton, 750A at 9100 yuan/ton, 15a1 at 9150 yuan/ton, Ning 12, and now the maximum force or tensile curve 1H is reported at 9100 yuan/ton, 757 at 9350 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

this morning, the ps/abs market in Yuyao plastic city was generally stable, partly due to tight supply, and the price rose. However, downstream factories still maintain general procurement in the way of on demand and on demand, so it is difficult for market transactions to be effective. At present, the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of GPPS is yuan/ton, and that of hips is yuan/ton

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