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Shanxi: random inspection shows that more than 15% of plastic pipes are unqualified

the latest industrial product sampling results released by Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision show that the detection rate of unqualified products of plastic pipes is 15.2%, and the detection rate of unqualified products of electric tools is 14%

a total of 99 batches of plastic pipe products were sampled this time, 84 batches were qualified and 15 batches were unqualified. The main quality problems are the unqualified specifications, dimensions, hydrostatic strength, density, tensile yield strength and other indicators, which are mainly caused by a single car travel boom in the production enterprises to reduce costs and cut corners or lax production process control. Precautions for friction coefficient measurement

Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision also sampled 50 batches of electric tools on the Taiyuan market, 43 batches were qualified, 7 batches were unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified products was 14%. The main quality problem was that the marks and power lines of individual products did not meet the standard requirements. The main reason for the disqualification is that some small enterprises have weak quality awareness and cannot organize production in strict accordance with the standard requirements. It is difficult to ensure the homogeneity of forgings and even cut corners to reduce costs

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