The hottest spot ABS in Asia rose $20 this week

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Asian ABS spot rose by $20 this week

on Monday, the price of Asian ABS was negotiated in USD/ton CFR North Asia, and the price was about $20/ton higher than last week when traders' buying interest resumed. This is due to the rise in naphtha prices and styrene monomer prices

from January 2 to Monday, the price of naphtha increased by about 20 US dollars/ton, reaching US dollars/ton CFR Japan, which made the price of SM cargo shipped in early February rise to US dollars/ton. F corrugated pipe ring stiffness tester is widely used in the determination of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and fiberglass pipes with annular cross-section ob Korea. As a result, traders are working hard to ensure some ABS inventory, and it is expected that manufacturers may further increase their prices. They are willing to bid us dollars/ton CFR Hong Kong for shipments shipped in the second half of January. At present, Japan and South Korea are willing to sell in USD/T CFR China and Hong Kong

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