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Beiling new energy: make energy-saving glass by taking advantage of its regional advantages. "The important thing to settle in Xinjiang is to take a fancy to the regional advantages of Xinjiang." on April 6, Chen Jian, general manager of Xinjiang Beiling New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beiling new energy") expressed such development ideas to him, "facing the northwest region and radiating the markets of Central Asia and even Europe."

Beiling new energy, established in 2015, is located in Jinghe County Import and export trade processing park, covering an area of 284. 57 mu

faced with the background of excess capacity in the glass industry, Beiling new energy firmly grasped the background that the environment forced production, resolutely did not do backward production capacity, but built a production line with advanced technology and equipment in the country by increasing technological innovation, and laid out the Xinjiang market from a high starting point

based on energy conservation, occupy the high-end market "we should continue to increase investment in science and technology, make energy-saving glass, seize the first opportunity and occupy the high-end glass supply market in Xinjiang." Chen Jian said

at the beginning of the establishment of the plant, Beiling new energy has made clear its own positioning: first, it should supply energy-saving glass, and second, it should do glass deep processing in a small range

2015, Beiling new energy investment 3. With an annual production capacity of 2.6 million square meters, the project of Low-E glass production line at the national advanced level was started

"Low-E glass is a kind of energy-saving glass, which belongs to high-end glass. Its manufacturing principle is to form low radiation environmental protection glass through the introduction of ordinary glass original sheets, cleaning, coating, automatic detection, powder spraying and other procedures. Compared with ordinary glass, it is generally 5% smaller than the measured value. It can prevent heat overflow and has good heat preservation effect." Chen Jian said

according to different market demands, Beiling new energy has increased its research and development efforts and improved the process. It has successively developed tempered Low-E glass, kewan tempered Low-E glass, double silver Low-E glass and Low-E low radiation coated glass

these glasses also show different characteristics according to different uses. For example, double silver Low-E glass not only has the characteristics of ordinary Low-E glass, but also has high visible light transmittance, extremely low solar light transmittance and better thermal insulation performance in winter

but a personalized and customized space. Due to the addition of special processes, the price of these glasses is also much higher than that of ordinary glasses. Chen Jian said that the average price of ordinary glass is about 15 yuan per square meter, but Low-E glass processed by special technology can sell for 45 yuan per square meter. These Low-E glasses are widely used in door and window glasses and glass curtain walls of high-end buildings

"at present, we are mainly engaged in the supply of energy-saving glass in Xinjiang and Central Asia. Our customers are glass deep-processing plants. We strive to enter their supply chain. In the product deep-processing market, in order to avoid market squeeze and competition and maintain market balance, we only work in the local area of Bozhou." Chen Jian said

based on Xinjiang and radiating to the Central Asian market, "the glass supply market in Xinjiang has strong seasonal changes. Generally, in the second half of the year, with the increase of demand, the glass price will rise, and the glass production and processing industry will also usher in the peak production season. At present, our company is actively preparing." Chen Jian said. At present, although Beiling new energy is still in the early stage of market development, it has achieved good results. In terms of market development in Xinjiang, at present, Beiling new energy has reached an intention of cooperation with several glass manufacturers in the wear resistance test of various materials under the ten speed in Xinjiang. In terms of "going global", Beiling new energy has also signed an intention contract of 70million yuan with customers in several central Asian countries. Chen Jian said that in addition to relying on technological innovation, Beiling new energy has benefited greatly from its excellent location advantages. In the future, local glass deep-processing enterprises in Xinjiang can get high-quality Low-E glass without going to the mainland, which will reduce the production cost of Xinjiang enterprises. According to the industry evaluation of 160000 tons of imported products to be replaced by synthetic resin in 2018, the best sales radius of the glass industry is 500 km, which can achieve the best comprehensive benefits of glass production. Xinjiang is located in the northwest, which is a long distance from Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong and other major glass producing provinces. However, the reality is that most of the glass deep processing enterprises in Xinjiang need Low-E glass from these regions. The logistics cost caused by the transportation distance undoubtedly makes the cost of Xinjiang local glass deep processing enterprises remain high

"it is believed that in the near future, Beiling new energy will be able to reduce these costs and improve production efficiency for local glass deep processing enterprises in Xinjiang." Chen Jian said that in the next step, Beiling new energy will vigorously explore the Xinjiang market, strengthen exchanges with customers in Central Asian countries and actively "go global" with the help of Xinjiang port advantages. Highlights show that Beiling new energy, in combination with the characteristics of the glass industry, has taken the road of transformation, green development and leapfrog improvement, developed from a high starting point and supplied products with high standards, realizing the "quality improvement and efficiency increase" of the enterprise's own development. Its development ideas and positioning reflect the characteristics of the times

Beiling new energy is based in Xinjiang and radiates to Central Asia. It chooses to supply energy-saving glass and conduct glass deep processing in a small range. From the small cut of glass supply to the market, assisted by the deep processing of products in a small range, it has drawn a unique development blueprint for its own development

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