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Beizhong "special steel and extension product development center" passed the acceptance

Beizhong "special steel and extension product development center" passed the acceptance

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recently, at the project acceptance meeting presided over by the science and Technology Department of the ordnance industry group, after the data review and actual inspection of the expert group, It is considered that the innovation capacity-building project of "special steel and extension product R & D center" of Beizhong group has completed the construction content determined in the approved feasibility study report, met the acceptance conditions, and finally the project passed the ministerial acceptance

"special steel and extension product development center" innovative capacity building outline description is increasingly combined with independent projects to complete the submission and approval of the feasibility study report. Since then, the special materials research institute of Beizhong group, together with the metrology and Testing Technology Research Institute and other relevant units, has carried out detailed research, bidding, contract signing, installation and commissioning, training and equipment acceptance. After two years of reaching the standard. In order to strengthen the construction of innovation capacity and talent team, the project has developed a series of special steels, extension products and application technologies that meet the needs of national defense and national major equipment development and can not be advanced repeatedly through international advanced tensile tests, which has strongly supported the sustainable development of special steel industry of Beizhong group. The project greatly suggests that in such cases, the M8 plug on the oil pump can be loosened to remove the air, and then the oil returned to the oil tank can be inspected to see whether the research and innovation development capability of the special steel development center of the ordnance industry group has been improved intermittently, so that equipment such as Beizhong group is favored by users wherever it is, and has the scientific and technological innovation capability suitable for undertaking scientific and technological development tasks

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