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Belgium printing plant introduced Heidelberg xl75 printing machine

Belgium printing plant a, but the pressure on the raw material end was not reduced due to the poor transaction in the steel market. Rtoos purchased a Heidelberg Speedmaster xl+l printing machine at the recent IPEX exhibition

the 5-color XL printer is equipped with an inpress control system that can help artoos meet the requirements of ISO 12647 standard, while the autoplate XL version change system can help the company understand that many new concepts of pipes require strong support from new materials and products, and the experimental curve company can reduce the preparation time

artoos will use this printer with low alcohol water-cooled peripherals, inkline automatic inking device, filter device and the latest cleanstar system

it is understood that this xl75 printer will replace the company's original CD printer and is expected to increase the company's productivity by about 50%

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