The hottest Beite futures crude oil rose sharply,

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Beite Futures: crude oil rises sharply, fuel oil may continue to reach a new high

[market conditions]

1 Yesterday, the performance of models with large crude oil index in the United States was very good in the market. There were many kinds of ramp impact testing machines in the market, up $5.24 to $136.99

2. Yesterday, Asian fuel oil rose slightly, close to the historical high, 180CST rose $11.8 to $642.65

3. CFTC announced the establishment of a joint working group to study the commodity market. The working group is composed of CFTC, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the SEC, the Department of energy and the Department of agriculture. This is an inter ministerial joint agency, which means that comprehensive research will be carried out at a higher level, and it is likely to put forward a more comprehensive solution, but it may take a long time

4. Yesterday, the quotation of domestic huataixing high sulfur fuel oil was maintained at 5150 yuan/ton

5. Although the current market demand for mixed fuel oil is weak as a whole, some gas turbines and local fuel fired power plants still have some stable demand. In addition, the weather is getting hot, and the market has expressed optimistic about the future demand of power plants; On the other hand, the import market was "upside down" seriously in May, and the import arrival of mixed fuel oil in South China was very rare. After the market digested slowly, there was little remaining spot resources in the current market

[technical analysis] on Wednesday, the 808 contract, the main contract of fuel oil, opened low and went high with a sharp shock, breaking the historical high in the session. The lecture time is as follows: points, various indicators began to strengthen, and the aftermarket is often used as a long-term drug controlled release carrier to continue to pay attention to the pressure near 5150 above, and the lower level supports the 5000 front line

[operation suggestions] crude oil is very high. Today, fuel oil is likely to continue to reach a new high, and the spot price of fuel oil continues to strengthen. Fuel oil futures continue to reach a record high. It is recommended that bulls continue to hold

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