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Beiren and Wanbang renewed the agency agreement of beiren 75A - full cooperation and service for the newspaper industry on July 6, 2008, Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as beiren) and Wanbang United (Beijing) equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wanbang United) held a renewal ceremony for the agency agreement of 75A newspaper printing machine in Beijing New Century JAL hotel. Present at the ceremony were zhangpeiwu, general manager of beiren Co., Ltd., Liu Jing, general manager of beiren Co., Ltd., yangzhendong, chief engineer of beiren Co., Ltd., chenchangge, general manager of Wanbang united, lvxiaodong, deputy general manager of beiren Co., Ltd., Xie Punan, Professor of Beijing Printing Institute, leaders of people's, Guangming, Beijing, China Youth Daily, China sports news, etc., as well as industry media science and technology printing, printing technology magazine The newspaper shared this wonderful moment

Wanbang United Company has rich experience in the sales of rotary machines and is very familiar with the domestic newspaper printing World Bank. It has been the national general agent of beiren 75A medium-sized rotary equipment since 2006. Wanbang United Company has the ability, dedication and good professional standards. The user representative, factory director Wang, gave Wanbang United Company a heartfelt evaluation on its more beautiful and generous company. Because of this, beiren 75A won wide attention from the industry as soon as it was listed in june2006 and made a good start in China sports news. So far, China farmers' daily, Qingdao and Jiangxi have successively purchased beiren 75A printing machines, making the total installed capacity of beiren 75A reach 12 towers, occupying a certain objective market share in the domestic medium-sized machine market. In order to increase the system stiffness. Since the initial cooperation between beiren Co., Ltd. and Wanbang United Company has achieved satisfactory results, they continue to cooperate and jointly add luster to the domestic newspaper market

zhangpeiwu, general manager of Beiren Printing Co., Ltd., said in his speech that beiren is the largest printing system manufacturing enterprise in China. Building domestic medium-sized newspaper printing machines is the requirement of the market and the development of newspaper production in China. It is an important mission for beiren to shoulder and is committed to better developing national enterprises. Beiren company is always thinking of the users. After the Sichuan earthquake, it went to the printing plant in the affected area for the first time to repair the equipment for customers unconditionally and without requirements

the two printing towers of China Sports News Corporation, the first customer to purchase beiren 75A, have been successfully published. They have undertaken the printing of China sports news, Beijing Morning News and basketball news, and have achieved commendable excellent results in printing quality, production speed, equipment operation and other aspects. The equipment will contribute to the printing of Olympic reports

in the current situation of rising printing costs, the investment in printing equipment has become a decisive choice. Beiren 75A equipment not only guarantees the product quality, but also provides the possibility of reducing costs for various newspaper printing plants, which will also bring inestimable benefits to the domestic newspaper printing industry

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