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Bell 3 Six advantageous laboratories of nylon materials used in oil pan China promotes the leap of millimeter wave technology and 5g development

the innovative low delay air interface ensures efficient wireless transmission in the millimeter wave band, Improving the end-user experience

innovative physical layer technologies including large-scale MIMO and beam tracking ensure large system capacity and spectral efficiency

Bell Labs China also evaluated the wireless channel propagation characteristics of millimeter wave band

Bell Labs China announced that it has made a breakthrough in high-speed wireless transmission and millimeter wave spectrum use, This technical achievement can ensure that the wireless transmission of massive data files is more economical and efficient than the existing technology. This is an important step in the construction of a feasible business case for the next generation wireless technology Jinan gold testing machine (5g)

Bell Laboratories China has achieved significant capacity improvement and related efficiency improvement by using large-scale MIMO technology (multiple input multiple output technology) in the millimeter wave band. Through the prototype with a peak transmission rate of more than 50, which can reduce the vehicle quality by 30%~40% Gbps, Bell Labs China has successfully achieved a spectral efficiency of up to 100 bps/hz in the 28ghz millimeter wave band. Its transmission rate allows users to download multiple high-definition movies in 8 seconds. This technical achievement provides a basis for 5g network operators to realize business innovation in future applications such as tactile interconnection and ultra-low delay hd-vr

ultra high rate transmission and efficient use of millimeter wave spectrum enable operators to provide users with more competitive high-speed mobile services and achieve greater flexibility and convenience in 5g network deployment, especially in the field of wireless backhaul transmission

overview of solution details:

the innovative low delay air interface ensures efficient wireless transmission in the millimeter wave band, improves the end-user experience, and provides innovative business applications with a minimum delay of 250 microseconds

new physical layer technologies including large-scale MIMO and beam tracking ensure huge system capacity and spectral efficiency.

as Nokia's innovation engine, Bell Labs is changing the way people connect with the world. This demonstration has achieved a transmission rate of more than 50Gbps and a spectral efficiency of 100bps/hz in some wireless propagation environments. It is an important milestone in the process of Bell Laboratories in promoting the implementation of ultra-high speed, low time delay and low-cost 5g networks, creating a new era of communication and expanding the infinite possibilities of human interconnected world

Dr. GUI Luoning, executive vice president of Nokia Communications China and Shanghai Bell joint management team and head of technology and innovation, said: by achieving an efficient spectrum utilization of more than 100bps/hz and a peak rate of 50Gbps, Bell Laboratories China believes that in the upcoming 5g era, we can create great value for customers and end users. Bell Laboratories' disruptive research in the field of wireless and fixed communications in China will have a significant impact on the future of 5g networks with ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low delay and large-scale connections, and promote the development of important 5g applications such as virtual reality, driverless vehicles and tactile interconnection

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