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Zunfeng sewing one-stop service platform is a professional sewing one-stop service platform for families and business places developed by Wuxi Zunfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. based on its product innovation experience in the field of sewing agents. The platform adopts the first-hand products of Zunfeng brand, and the beauty joint technician who has been awarded the "Zunfeng construction certificate" after the training and assessment of the headquarters provides the owners with personalized customized services that subvert the traditional beauty joint construction. Zunfeng headquarters established this platform, aiming to provide the ultimate service for every room with first-class products, international standard services and perfect after-sales services, and perfectly integrate the health significance and aesthetic significance of Meifeng to the family, so as to enhance the good reputation and popularity of Zunfeng brand

Zunfeng Meifeng one-stop service platform standard service process 01 - telephone appointment. After receiving the consultation call from the owner, the customer service personnel of Zunfeng construction team preliminarily understand the basic situation of the construction project, make detailed records, and make an appointment for the specific time for the door-to-door communication and proofing

02 ― the door-to-door proofing zunfengmei stitcher went to the owner's home for detailed communication at the time agreed by the customer service. The door-to-door image was strictly standardized according to the regulations of the headquarters (uniform image of work clothes, tools, documents, work permits, business cards, etc.). He took the initiative to knock on the door before entering, took the initiative to wear shoe covers when entering the door, and took the initiative to deliver business cards and make a simple self introduction after entering the door. In this link, Zun Fengmei seamer has in-depth communication with the owner about the construction area of the joint and the owner's demands. The seamer accurately measures the construction area with infrared detection equipment, calculates the amount of the joint agent according to the joint width and house details, and tells the owner the truth

03 - material selection and color matching after fully understanding the needs of the owner, zunfengmei seamer recommends the most suitable selection scheme of beautiful seaming materials to the owner according to the type of tiles in the house and the characteristics of different areas, and explains in detail the performance differences and price of each product to the user. After the selection of beautiful sewing products is confirmed by both parties through communication, Zunfeng beautiful sewing master communicates with the owner about the color selection, understands the owner's preferences in detail, and provides suggestions to the owner according to personal professional experience. After the preliminary scheme is determined, zunfengmei seamstress will show the color matching effect to the owner through the color matching applet and the real sample of the color palette. Try to provide the most satisfactory color matching scheme for the owner

04 - after signing the contract, both parties determine the construction area, the amount of sealant, the product and color of sealant, sign a formal construction service contract in the unified format of the headquarters, and the contract is reached

05 - pay the deposit the owner pays the deposit according to the contract, and the project officially enters the implementation stage

06 - appointment time both parties make an appointment to determine the construction start time and construction period

07 ― door to door construction zunfengmei stitcher will carry out door-to-door construction on time according to the agreed time, and the whole process of construction service will be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations of the headquarters (uniform dress and tools, daily project progress report, construction friendship reminder logo, etc.)

08 - after the construction is accepted by the client, it is first accepted and evaluated by the seamer and the project supervisor. After passing the acceptance, it is handed over to the owner for personal acceptance. After the owner passes the acceptance, the construction party officially ends

09 - delivery of the final payment after the construction of the beautiful joint is completed and accepted by the owner, the customer shall deliver the final payment within the time specified in the contract

10 - return visit evaluation

after the completion of the construction service of beautiful joints, Zunfeng construction team will make an appointment with the owner for a return visit from time to time to understand the customer satisfaction in detail, and submit it to the team for unified custody after making records. If the owner's satisfaction is low, the construction team will make subsequent solutions accordingly

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