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The decoration process can only be described as “ Happiness and trouble go together ” I won't say more. Fortunately, everything I have done makes me happy. This should also be a kind of comfort

my home is a duplex apartment. I wanted to be comfortable and warm from the beginning. I have been in contact with several designers. Some of them finished the design in two days. When they opened it, they were all uninspired pieces. I should be able to do such a design. Some of them measured the room carefully and there was no more following, which made us confused. Only this designer gave me the best impression. It was a designer who decorated my friend's house. It was really a kind of fate to meet, not to mention the bright colors in her design, It's the kind of serious attitude

we have lived in our new home for a period of time, and now we live in it. Some places have been changed quite well. But the days still belong to life, turning forward step by step. The enthusiasm when decorating is high, and now it has faded. In this aftertaste, I also share my home with you &hellip& hellip;

living room

casaredo sofa


natural forest solid wood floor





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