Hangzhou bride 80000 decoration 75 flat flower wor

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The house has been decorated for nearly half a year, and ah Miao will also become a married woman. Haha ~ the whole decoration style is designed according to my ideas. The most important thing to thank for the whole process of supervision is my father. It's really hard for my father to go to the site to supervise the work almost every day in hot weather ~ ~ my husband has no concept of decoration, haha ~ so everything goes with me. I'm a little woman, a world of flowers ~ hard decoration for 2 and a half months, The basic prototype is coming out ~

what I like is the kind of pastoral and simple European style, so some of the accessories in the future are also very important. Ah Miao has scoured the entire market in Hangzhou, and TB is also scoured every day ~ every thing is scoured by ah Miao himself, which is really a sense of achievement, haha

wallpaper, cabinets in the corner, and some wall decorations

super love sofa ~ let's have a beautiful close-up





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