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At present, many parents will not only design a children's room for their children when the house is decorated, but also buy a lot of children's furniture for their children. When purchasing children's furniture, parents need to pay attention not only to the environmental protection of children's furniture, but also to the design of children's furniture. What should children's furniture design pay attention to and what brands of children's furniture are there? Let's take you to know in this article

precautions for children's furniture design: the size of holes is appropriate

at present, many children's furniture on the market have hole shape design, which has a certain decorative effect. However, if the hole size of children's furniture is inappropriate, many children will put their heads or fingers into the hole, resulting in the phenomenon that they can't take it out. Therefore, in order to avoid these accidents, we need to look at the size of holes when buying children's furniture

precautions for children's furniture design: the enclosed space should be breathable

many children like to play hide and seek games at home. The wardrobe in the children's room has become a hidden point for many children, but it is easy to be uncomfortable if it is hidden in the wardrobe for a long time. The wardrobe will suffocate due to the lack of air. We need to choose the one with excellent permeability when purchasing the special cabinet for children to avoid suffocation of children who play

precautions for children's furniture design: the height of tables and chairs can be adjusted

when designing children's furniture, it needs to be designed according to the height and age of children and ergonomics, so that children can have a correct sitting posture and posture. When we choose furniture, we also need to choose furniture whose size conforms to the height of human body, which is helpful for children's bone development and growth and vision

what are the brands of children's furniture

1. Ximengbao

ximengbao is a well-known children's furniture brand in China. The children's furniture produced by this brand has excellent safety and environmental protection performance, and adopts no acute angle design to minimize the potential safety hazards of furniture

2. Colorful life

colorful life is a well-known children's furniture brand from Shenzhen. Its children's furniture products are very outstanding in color. It has 9 internationally most advanced color furniture production lines and is deeply loved by many people

3. Songbao Kingdom

Songbao kingdom was established in 2001. Since its establishment, it has insisted on using pine wood imported from northern Europe as children's furniture materials. The furniture produced is quite excellent in environmental protection and touch

article summary: the above is the relevant introduction about the design precautions of children's furniture and the brands of children's furniture. I hope you can provide some help in the purchase of children's furniture, so that you can choose excellent children's furniture products of high quality





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