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The supervision process of home decoration is the whole process of decoration. In fact, if you choose different home decoration supervision companies, their workflow is also different, but the general content and basic operation process are not very different. The following editor has made a home decoration supervision process, which is specially sorted out for you in combination with the process contents of four or five home decoration supervision companies as follows:

first, sign the supervision contract: the home decoration supervisor first signs the supervision contract with the owner

1. Clarify the contents of supervision work

2. Clarify the responsibilities and rights of the client and the supervisor

3. Clarify the contract price and payment method

4. Clarify the requirements of construction period and the treatment method of project delay

II. Review the decoration company: review the business license, qualification certificate, business location and designer qualification certificate of the decoration company

III. review the design scheme: whether the design scheme complies with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of construction, the Municipal Construction Commission and the municipal assembly Association, including the demolition and reconstruction of building structures, the reconstruction of water, electricity, gas and other lines. Whether the drawings are complete and feasible

IV. review contract: whether the contract adopts < Construction contract of family room decoration engineering >, Whether the filling is complete and correct; Whether the quotation conforms to the decoration market guidance price published by the decoration Association; Whether all process practices are clearly marked; Whether there is a detailed description of the material specification and brand; Whether the responsibilities and rights of both parties are fair and reasonable

v. review the qualification of construction personnel: whether the construction personnel have the corresponding operating skills: whether the operators of some special positions take up their posts with certificates (plumber, electrician, etc.)

VI. review the inspection materials: supervise the decoration company to purchase and use the decoration materials, equipment and accessories that meet the national and industrial standards, and have the factory certificate and the provincial and municipal permit, and put an end to the use of fake and shoddy products

1. According to the requirements of the contract documents, the professional and technical qualifications of the auditors (unqualified replacement)

2. Check the quality, price and quantity of materials and equipment according to the requirements of the contract documents (unqualified return)

a name, brand, model, specification, certificate of conformity, manufacturer and address of the product

b imported products need to be provided with corresponding fax copies or copies of customs declaration forms, access certificates, etc

c production license, test report and environmental inspection report of special products

3. Require reasonable storage and safekeeping of materials and equipment entering the site

4. Submit the above materials for filing

VII. Review the construction process: whether the construction process conforms to the provisions of the Ministry of construction, the Municipal Construction Commission and the municipal decoration Association on decoration, which can ensure the quality and duration of the decoration project and achieve the expected results

1. Inspection and acceptance of demolition, drilling, reservation, embedded chiseling and other works

2. Inspection and acceptance of pipelines, pipelines and other works and drawings of newly improved water, electricity, gas and weak current projects

3. Inspection and acceptance of aluminum alloy or plastic steel doors and windows, closed balcony and other projects

4. Inspection and acceptance of basement, waterproof and brick paving works

5. Inspection and acceptance of ceiling, floor and joinery works

6. Inspection and acceptance of painting, finishing, mounting and other finishing works

7. Inspection and acceptance of sanitary ware, panel, lighting, hardware pendant and other installation works in the contract

8. Inspection and acceptance of carpets, soft bags and other special projects

9. Check and accept the room safety, cleaning and other aspects as required by the contract

VIII. The Commission, supervisor and contractor jointly sign and confirm the completed self inspection qualified projects submitted by the contractor for inspection (unqualified modification)





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