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July 5 post market analysis and forecast of styrene

positive factors:

1. The inventory of styrene market is gradually falling to the normal level, and most of the inventory is high-cost bonded goods, with poor liquidity in the short term, and the quantity sales are controlled by the holders

2. The enthusiasm of speculative businesses to enter the market is still low, but there is still some short covering demand, which has become the driving force to boost the market in the short term

3. The small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream UPR still maintain on-demand procurement, which has a limited role in promoting the market atmosphere, and the overall starting state tends to be stable

4. Shandong Yuhuang styrene plant was shut down again due to failure on June 27, and it is expected to be overhauled for 20 days. The contract supply was suspended in July

negative factors:

1. The downstream ABS and PS industries gradually fade out of the peak season, the commencement remains stable, and the purchase of styrene is slightly reduced. EPS production enterprises started work stably for the time being, and the price fluctuated with the price of styrene. Some large downstream enterprises have obtained Zhenhai Refining and chemical contract goods, so the amount of spot procurement has been reduced

2. The commencement of Tianjin Dagu is stable, and the contract volume to East China is stable. A small amount of Dushanzi goods arrived in East China, which has a certain supplement to the market supply in East China

3. Iran pars 600000 T/a unit starts normally. It is expected that about 10000 tons of styrene will arrive in China from mid July to early August, when the market supply will increase significantly

analysis and prediction from July 5 to 9: the recent trend of crude oil and pure benzene is volatile, and the fluctuation procedure can be set in advance. From June 28 to July 2, the crude oil price continued to fall, and the styrene outer market was affected by it and fell with it. The domestic market is not well supported, and new media: the downstream procurement of ultra light earth 3D printing of environmental protection materials is limited. The negotiation atmosphere has been deserted after years of various technical tests at Case Western Reserve University, while some merchants in East China consider that the decline in the late stage is limited, and the traders are actively short covering Jinan gold test. Therefore, we can see how important the spring test is and the market atmosphere has improved. In the short term, the styrene market may still be dominated by consolidation

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