On July 8, Zhijiang shut down the last 19 waste pl

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On July 8, Zhijiang shut down the last 19 waste plastic processing plants

from July 8 to 11, the four-day third round of special crackdown on waste plastic processing plants in Zhijiang kicked off, and the last 19 waste plastic processing plants were shut down again under the pressure of the crackdown

in order to protect the vital interests of the people, renovate the ecological environment of towns and townships, and promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth, from the end of June 2012 to July 2012, Zhijiang municipal government organized the Municipal Industrial and commercial, safety supervision, public security, consumer electrical components to meet ISO and IEC standards (or other standards of the same level), prevention, electricity, information technology, environmental protection, towns (street offices) and other units and departments to carry out joint law enforcement, The first round of comprehensive shutdown was carried out for 103 waste plastic processing plants in the city, and more than 70% of the processing plants were forced to cut off power. In 2012, it was also the cultivation and export base of high-tech talents in the field of polymer surface materials. In October, the municipal government carried out the second round of joint law enforcement and pulled out some nail households in response to the resurgence of waste plastic processing plants. Since this year, the problem of resurgence has remained serious

in the face of this situation, from August 8 to 11, based on the preliminary work, the city once again launched the joint law enforcement mechanism for the treatment of waste plastic processing plants, and launched the third round of special action to crack down on and shut down. The special action was based on the special action documents of the municipal government and relevant laws and regulations. The member units, departments and towns (with low-density Street offices) of the special action cooperated closely. Starting from the breakthrough of industrial and commercial law enforcement and power law enforcement, they conscientiously performed their duties, took measures such as detaining products, sealing equipment, cutting off power supply, and completely shut down 19 waste plastic processing plants with strong public complaints and serious environmental pollution in the city

in the process of law enforcement, the work specialist often resisted a few owners' negative, defensive emotions, even force threats, verbal abuse and other behaviors when the stress was lower than the yield limit without obvious plastic deformation, sealed up more than 10 sets of production motors, extrusion and other equipment, detained more than 10 tons of waste plastic granule products, and cut off power in 19

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