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Join hands with the world clean day to build a beautiful Shijiazhuang release date: Source: Shijiazhuang at 9 a.m. on September 21, under the guidance of Shijiazhuang volunteer service foundation, the national environmental protection public welfare action "join hands with the world clean day to build a beautiful Shijiazhuang" launched by Hebei Low Carbon simple environmental protection volunteer service group was launched at the children's and teenagers' activity center, and many public welfare organizations in the provincial capital participated in the action

September 21 this year is the eleventh world clean day. The Shijiazhuang non-governmental public welfare team has launched the second national environmental protection public welfare action of "jointly building a beautiful Shijiazhuang with the world 7.5 rule sector clean day" after 2018. After the launching ceremony, the on-site volunteer soldiers divided the way. Some volunteers started from the South Gate of the children's activity center, picked up around the inner wall of the children's activity center towards the north gate, and then classified the garbage they picked up; Another part of volunteers went to Xinhua Road, Hutuo River and other places to carry out garbage collection and publicity

there are also more than 30 outdoor publicity teams who act synchronously with the children's activity center. They are active in 20 publicity sites, including Century Park, Xiqing Park, zhaotuo Park, Minxin River bank, Hutuo River bank, Hebei University of economics and trade, Luquan Baodu village, Zhengding Yingxu Park, Xinji health community, Wuji Haozhuang Township, Pingshan Lianhua Mountain, etc

in this outdoor garbage collection activity, volunteers aim to awaken citizens' awareness of consciously maintaining the environment, advocate citizens' awareness of garbage classification, and guide citizens to start from me, start with small things within their power, and do a good job of "public welfare at hand". Through the collection, segmentation and explanation of garbage, volunteers have made many citizens have a deeper understanding of the seriousness of domestic garbage discharge, the proliferation of disposable products, excessive consumption and excessive packaging

Next, environmental protection volunteers will continue to carry out environmental protection public welfare activities related to garbage cleaning and classified emission reduction, so as to normalize them, so as to guide more people to join this specific requirement: in this micro public welfare action within their capabilities, consciously start garbage classification and emission reduction, plastic reduction, rational consumption, take garbage with you when you travel, and a low-carbon simple and healthy lifestyle when you see garbage

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