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With the development of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and 5g, the digital economy is changing the lifestyle, behavior and even thinking mode of human society at an alarming speed, impacting the business mode and market layout of the traditional financial industry, especially for rural commercial banks, which must accelerate the business transformation, Through the development mode of interconnected finance with digital + finance and science and technology + finance as the main body, we can cope with market competition and create differentiated advantages

in an increasingly competitive environment, how can rural commercial banks based on rural credit cooperatives achieve business innovation and enhance competitiveness in the digital tide? Zijin rural commercial bank has become the pacesetter of digital transformation by building a local digital system, and is more committed to building a pocket light financial life steward

1. Create a unique way to wake up sleeping resources

the full name of Zijin rural commercial bank is Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., which is a joint-stock rural commercial bank established by the original four rural small and medium-sized financial institutions in Nanjing according to the market-oriented principle. At the same time, it is also the first listed rural commercial bank in Jiangsu Province with an asset scale of more than 200 billion

physical point is a huge gold mine that rural commercial bank can dig deeply in the era of digital transformation. Zijin rural commercial bank has entrusted 133 business points with a new mission to innovate grounded, flexible and diverse business models and undertake the important task of digital transformation. Each physical point has 10000 or 20000 existing customers. Zijin rural commercial bank connects existing customers with merchants within the service radius of physical points through apps. This unique thinking jumps out of the thinking formula of the traditional financial industry. With the help of the most popular flow concept in the digital era, it wakes up and uses the surrounding flow through physical points to promote the value transformation of users

this is the new local Digital Banking ecosystem of Zijin rural commercial bank. On the one hand, customers can enter the bank to conduct financial transactions such as deposit and withdrawal, loans, etc. in addition, through the app, customers can also form a resonance with the surrounding business ecosystem, and create an intelligent and open digital ecological unbounded finance with the power of science and technology

2. Forward thinking innovation network platform

those who understand technology do not understand finance, and those who understand finance do not understand technology, which is a problem faced by many small and medium-sized commercial banks in the process of development. If ABC wants to seize the opportunity of digital transformation and stand out from the competition that many state-owned banks and some companies may choose to move their factories out of Bank of America, digital transformation is the key to breaking the situation. Zijin rural commercial bank, founded in 2011, is not burdened by the centralized and data island architecture of traditional banks. Instead, it can easily embrace the digital era and build a new generation of data infrastructure. It is imperative to accelerate the digital transformation of finance

business continuity and system reliability are always the first priority of banks. As an internet tool and platform, network is also the lifeline of banking business. In the large-scale transformation of the dual active data center in the same city, Huawei cloudengine12800 series data center switches showing insufficient foaming were used to replace the key core networks. The whole data center network adopts the spine leaf architecture, and is divided into different business areas to provide an elastic, virtual, agile and high-quality network, which is suitable for the development of IT technology in the coming years, and can protect data and business continuity to the greatest extent

in the network of the business area, 40g interconnection is adopted between the core equipment and the access equipment, a single group of switches is bound by the cross chassis link, and the server and tor are accessed by the dual active mode, forming a logical port for data communication, which not only widens the link of business data transmission, but also improves the stability and reliability of the whole network. In the subsequent evolution of network framework, the whole network can evolve to sdn, and the software is defined through SDN control

3. High end full flash promotes business intelligence

local digitization meets the needs of users, and obtains customers on a large scale with the help of online systems, but it is accompanied by challenges such as the surge in data volume and the diversification of data types. The fast and stable business system is already a rigid need, and flash memory storage has become the first choice of Zijin rural commercial bank

intra city dual living to ensure the safe operation of business: Zijin rural commercial bank adopts the intra city full flash dual living mode: three oceanstor Dorado 5500 V6 carry key businesses in the way of two places and three centers; Two oceanstor 5310 V5 for backup. From the actual deployment, the system performance has been improved by 5-10 times, the cabinet space has been saved by more than 80%, and the power consumption has been reduced by more than 50%; The customs free dual living architecture reduces the deployment complexity and ensures the reliable deployment of dual living in the same city and three centers in two places; Nvme innovative architecture reduces the end-to-end data access delay by 45%, meeting the requirements of business systems for higher performance, lower delay and more flexibility of storage; Intelligent management tools digitize customer needs, a full set of automatic fault handling mechanism, support business demand prediction and planning, and finally realize the automatic management of the whole life cycle of the storage system, reducing the operation and maintenance cost by 50%

independent zoning, safe and reliable regional space: Huawei oceanstor full flash memory has strengthened access control and security detection between functional areas, providing strong support for Zijin rural commercial bank to realize financial digital transformation

high end flash memory, supporting intelligent data services: Dorado 5500 V6 carries key core businesses, including intermediary business, ESB, Internet bill collection, identity recognition, wealth management, etc. its strong business processing performance and expansion ability can meet the business pressure of the bank in the next five years, as well as the increasing demand for clamping samples in the future. At present, Huawei oceanstor full flash memory has been deployed in the production environment for a long time and operated stably, providing intelligent data service guarantee for the digital transformation of Zijin rural commercial bank

understand the unique advantages of Huawei, which can provide financial institutions with end-to-end solutions from connection to computing, from core to edge, and help the financial industry face the challenges of the post epidemic era and accelerate the transformation of mobility and intelligence. This time, Huawei and its partners helped Zijin rural commercial bank build a new ICT infrastructure platform, creating new space for the digital transformation of Zijin rural commercial bank. In the future, Zijin rural commercial bank will also continue to follow the goal of Local Digital Banking, seize the business opportunities in a wide range of long tail customers, and continue to strengthen digital services, become a people's bank serving small and medium-sized enterprises and customers, and become a digital transformation model that understands both technology and finance, as well as market and industrial development

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