Join hands with smart city led to meet huge busine

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Join hands with smart city led to meet huge business opportunities

with the construction of smart city and the increasing popularity of IOT, as an important and indispensable entry point of smart city, LED is also increasingly applied in all aspects of smart city. The future smart city is not the intellectualization of a single node. It is an era of high integration of IOT and interconnection. The compatibility and interworking of LED has become the primary consideration for people to choose display terminals

led lighting is facing unprecedented development opportunities

as the natural carrier of smart city development, LED road lighting is facing unprecedented development opportunities

unlike the previous "ten cities and ten thousand lights", the smart city led street lights will no longer be limited to lighting and environmental protection, but will build a smart city application ecosystem in an all-round way. As the basic node and carrier of smart city construction, LED street lamps can connect various sensors that collect data, so as to build a smart city network with smart street lamps as nodes

Dr. Zhou Wu, chief technology officer of Huawei, once made a clear overview of the future street lamps. He said that the future road lighting will be IOT + LED lighting, and each street lamp will be combined through IOT. The smart city scheme with street lamps as the carrier not only controls and maintains the street lamp lighting, but also turns a city into a smart city, covering the whole city and population with sensors and various functions through the street lamp carrier. At the same time, this coverage is dynamic

for example, we create a lighting IOT based on street lamp lighting, which can be quickly self-organized by users. It includes a variety of IOT devices and applications in all aspects, so that it can cover not only the needs of street lamps, but also the needs of the whole IOT. In addition, provide unlimited connections in the fast off, and put the edge computing on the off, so as to realize the edge intelligence. On this basis, users can also create a smart platform, place various IOT sensors on street lamps, and eliminate unqualified polyurethane materials by the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission. A framework allows users to apply street lamp lighting to IOT

in addition, the lamp pole of the street lamp has unique value. WiFi can be placed to provide wireless coverage. It can be directly connected to the cloud through the street lamp through the sensor. It can even install LED display screen to display city information, and it can also turn the street lamp into a charging pole

in the future, the form of road lighting will be the "interconnection" of cities based on the WiFi mode of street light poles, the "IOT" of cities based on the comprehensive access of street light poles, and the "interconnection" based on the optical wireless network mode of LED street lights. The LED street lights will be incorporated into the smart city network system to open a sustainable and stable urban service and realize the comprehensive utilization of resources

smart city brings more market space for small spacing

small spacing LED display, as the terminal of smart city display, there is still much room for development in the future. At the same time, the small spacing LED industry chain has been fully mature, the east wind has been rising, and the horn has been sounded. The interconnection and perception of all things in the future is not imagination

at present, the user application mode shows an increasingly diversified trend. LED display applications are also increasingly in-depth into various fields, and its related technologies continue to mature. Among them, at present, the plastic door and window industry is facing a severe test with small spacing LED display, and its advantages are becoming more and more obvious. In 2017, the small spacing LED display industry had another "bumper year". The small spacing LED display industry has changed from steady development to "explosive" growth. Under this situation, the construction of smart security protection system has a more urgent demand for small spacing technology, so the industry competition in 2018 is bound to be more intense, and the market challenges are bound to be greater. Smart city has become a new business outlet, and its requirements for the maturity, availability and creativity of LED small spacing products are also getting higher and higher

in the context of accelerating the construction of smart cities and smart transportation, when diversified and massive complex information replaces single video information as the basis for decision-making, when group decision-making based on sufficient information replaces personal decision-making based on insufficient information, the dispatching, command and control center has become the hub of smart city construction, and the demand for the visual use of road monitoring and related information is extremely urgent, The perfect control room system also brings greater market space for small spacing

large enterprises are taking action

"China is one of the countries with the most potential for IOT construction in the world." Feng Ye, senior innovation director of xinnuofei Asia, said in a speech at the conference, "combining the lighting network with the mobile operator network with the widest coverage in the city, and launching applications and scenarios that meet the operational needs of cities around the world can quickly promote the development of IOT and smart cities, and help all regions realize the intelligent transformation of urban operation modes."

since entering China in 2017, Philips citytouch flex has been deployed in three major economic centers in China, including the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the Pearl River Delta, and has installed more than 10000 sets of intelligent Internet street lights. Through cooperation with Chinatelecom, China Mobile and other operators, we will jointly promote the implementation of narrowband IOT and provide guarantee for the upgrading of smart city management platform in the future

hexiaohui, market strategy manager of OSRAM Asia Pacific region, said that OSRAM would build a real "smart city" by launching a complete lighting solution. What is a complete lighting solution? He Xiaohui explained that it is not limited to the manufacturing of a certain light source product, but a complete scheme of "lamps + control enable enterprises to speed up butterfly change and soar + system + software". This lighting scheme has gone beyond the lighting itself. It is no longer a single lamp, but adds elements such as control system and software to present more diversified lighting effects

this concept has been successfully applied by OSRAM to lighting projects in many parts of the world. OSRAM has recently launched a new system for smart cities. The system takes the street lamp lighting as the starting point to carry out intelligent monitoring and management, and can be combined with the lighting of urban buildings at the same time. He said that OSRAM would further work on urban landscape lighting and realize a real "smart city" in the field of lighting as soon as possible

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