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The source of heaven and earth food joins hands with qiangxun cloud to create an exclusive cloud call center. I. Introduction to Beijing heaven and earth food source Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing heaven and earth food source Trading Co., Ltd. is a high-tech mobile e-commerce platform enterprise, focusing on the connection of mobile Internet technology, e-commerce technology and the whole process of traditional business activities. It is committed to effectively, conveniently, safely and economically integrate the information flow and logistics of products in the traditional business process through the mode and technical means of light platform, short process and fast mode, so as to achieve the purpose of providing users with more rapid, efficient, low-cost and humanized value-added services, and the requirements cannot be stopped. The company was highly recognized by the capital at the beginning of its establishment, and obtained Angel round and a round of financing within half a year

II. Introduction to the call center of Beijing Tiandi shizhiyuan Trading Co., Ltd.

the call center system of Beijing Tiandi shizhiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. is a call center system for leasing qiangxun cloud platform, including 6-way manual seats and self-service information broadcasting. It provides users with 7*12 hours of customers, and its mechanical strength is comparable to that of wood, polymers, ceramics and other materials

the system includes: IVR (voice navigation), CTI (communication control server), LNK (computer integration off), ultramci_ UI (multimedia communication control and data recording), CMS (call center statistical query system) and other systems. The call center of Beijing Tiandi shizhiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. is allocated to the most suitable seats for incoming calls from different information sources, such as calls, voice messages, fax calls, mobile SMS calls, etc. through a unique intelligent algorithm; Customers' requests can be sent to different functional departments in the form of workflow through the business system and processed in a timely manner; The agent can inform the customer of the results through return visit, short message notification, etc

the quality inspection of the call center can inspect the workload, service attitude, skill level, work efficiency and other professional abilities of the salesperson through technical means; By means of real-time monitoring, recording and monitoring, we can spot check every detail of the salesperson's handling of business, providing technical support for controlling the service level of the whole customer service center

at the same time, as an important part of Beijing Tiandi shizhiyuan Trading Co., Ltd., the call center plays a decisive role. The improvement of the central system further ensures the normal operation and communication of all departments of the wood-based panel, also known as the wood experimental machine, of Beijing Tiandi shizhiyuan Trading Co., Ltd

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