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"Belonging" -- Jotun released the 2019 global color trend

"belonging" -- Jotun released the 2019 global color trend

December 6, 2018

Shanghai, China, December 6, 2018 -- Jotun coatings officially released the 2019 global color trend in the Chinese market. 4. Spring fatigue tester sensor: composed of sensitive components and processing circuits, it brings the unique Nordic color concept to China, It provides a practical guide for designers, color lovers and workers in related fields. The 2019 global color trend released this time takes "belonging" as the annual theme, and shows the identity characteristics and modern lifestyles of different colors around the world through the three theme color schemes of "meditation · whispering", "essence · sublimation" and "returning to simplicity · authenticity". (click the link to view the 2019 global color trend:)

"the study found that in the modern society with the accelerating pace of life, home is one of the few places where people can express their true selves. In a busy life, home is like a harbor so that people can relax and release their true selves." Lisbeth Larsen, a global color expert in Jotun, shared, "we have bid farewell to the era of using color and design to 'show off' to guests, and ushered in the era of presenting personality with home decoration design. The message of home in 2019 is very simple - this is me."

these findings are that birefringent particles are detected in the tissue around a goat artificial intervertebral disc, which is the original intention of the 2019 Jotun color card. Focusing on the color needs of consumers in the new year and integrating the observations of many color trend researchers around the world, Lisbeth Larsen, a color expert in Jotun, Norway, and a color consulting team from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Turkey and Scandinavia spent more than a year collecting, sorting and analyzing, and finally screened 28 colors to form the 2019 Jotun color card

different color combinations show the exciting space concepts of owners and interior designers, express the different values, interests and personality characteristics of residents, and reflect the modern lifestyle of different colors around the world. Jotun color experts have transformed this concept into three different theme stories to interpret the character colors of home decoration:

meditation · whispering soft and bright neutral colors, warm and elegant contrast colors

people with quiet temperament will pay more attention to the environmental friendly characteristics of body materials, such as low-carbon, green, renewable cycle, etc. people pay more attention to the significance of side things rather than quantity, and they love the simple Nordic style. For them, home is a clean, comfortable harbor, a quiet and peaceful place, a meditation room, decorated with only a few works of art or objects of extraordinary significance, without any flashy superfluous things, without a sense of chaos, and all objects belong to everyone in an orderly manner

essence · condensed, sensual stimulating green and yellow, highlighting exquisite texture

contemporary curators are representatives of exquisite and elegant temperament: unique vision, thoughtful, and keen to create eye-catching contrast effects. Their homes are often dotted with a variety of works of art, handicrafts, retro gadgets and modern designs, each of which has been carefully considered to create new meaning in the mutual contrast. For them, home is a personal art gallery - colors and objects complement each other, and the overall effect is better than all individual objects themselves

return to simplicity · genuine deep earthy red, sexy peach color, green and deep neutral color

the identity temperament of natural simplicity is rooted in the earth, and the craftsman's home is a model - they enjoy working time, cherish essence rather than gorgeous appearance. They may also be cooks, bakers, or carpenters. They explore the true meaning of beauty from craft and use. Their home is natural and simple, with natural stone and wood textures and the colors of soil and gravel everywhere

Jotun Paint adheres to the Nordic origin, always follows the global unified formula and high standard environmental protection certification, and insists on bringing the purest Nordic concept and home decoration design inspiration to more Chinese consumers. At present, the 2019 Jotun annual color card series colors have been added to Jotun Paint series products. The color card is easy to use and is matched with practical color matching tools to help users easily find complementary colors in the same color system, or create harmonious color changes in the same space to meet the personalized needs of consumers

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