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Trademark design of professional line cosmetics (Part 1)

as an effective carrier for products to compete in the market, win consumers and create brands, trademarks have always been attached great importance by all walks of life, because trademarks can show products and companies in front of consumers most intuitively through a whole composed of graphics, words and colors, so as to establish a fast channel of "company → brand → consumer" and provide a basis for brand communication The improvement of market share provides the most direct and important method. The production of a trademark is designed by the enterprise itself or by employing others, and registered and managed by the national trademark administration department. It can not be the same as other trademarks and belongs to the exclusive tangible goods of the enterprise. It can be publicized and circulated in the market. Therefore, for an industry, an enterprise and a brand, it is very important to measure the increase of density (or the increase of coating thickness) before and after friction! But let's take a look at the cosmetics professional line market. The production, use and maintenance of trademarks are extremely irregular, which can also be said to be extremely ignored! Perhaps, in the blind, chaotic and immature "profiteering" era in the early stage, professional line enterprises can quickly complete the accumulation of capital and market by virtue of temporary luck or speculation; However, up to now, the market is becoming more and more mature, the competition is intensifying, the macro-control is strengthening, and after the baptism of SARS, "brand operation" has become an urgent subject for the professional line market. As an important part of it, it is time for our business owners to treat it scientifically and rationally! This paper will analyze the current situation of the "trademark" in the cosmetics professional line market from four aspects: the design, use, renewal and value of the trademark

I. trademark design

as a visual element of enterprises facing the market and a bridge to communicate with consumers, trademark carries too much connotation and expectation. How can enterprises and products be delivered to the audience through the most effective methods? The design of trademark is the guarantee and premise. However, due to the lack of funds and talents, many professional line enterprises often perfunctorily design trademarks. There are also those who attach great importance to trademark design, but choose some graphics, colors and words based on their personal preferences and vision to expect a logo to produce a myth, but the result backfires

1. Clone the trademarks of well-known brands at home and abroad for the purpose of hiding. The birth of such enterprises is the product of speculation. They have no long-term intention of making a brand, and expect to "make money" in the beauty market. So they imitate SK-II, clone CD and other well-known trademarks, and go public with the excuse of "in laws". In addition, some agents who "know or don't know" are willing to spread, while consumers often can't distinguish between them without careful observation, and finally make a "pot full of money"

2. Because professional line products are fashionable products, they mainly face female consumers. In order to meet the characteristics and requirements of female consumers, enterprises also tend to be feminine in trademark design. It is true that it is understandable and necessary to create a trademark that caters to the characteristics and needs of consumers, but "going too far is not enough". Blindly using images or freehand brushwork elements such as women's faces, curves or some flowers and plants in the trademark can only give people a similar feeling, and can not give their own trademark personalized features. These similar patterns, colors and product names make people dazzled by the "colorful world", so it is unclear why. When the author worked in a beauty company, the company launched a new product, but many people mistook the so-called 3-loop control of displacement control for other brands and thought that it had been sold in the market for many years. Although it seemed to be "convenient" for the early market development, it actually hindered the normal development of the company and the brand

3. There are also those who seek the trademark "not surprising" but "never stop". Looking forward to the birth of a myth and pinning all hopes on a small trademark, he "searched up and down" in the design of patterns, the collocation of colors and the choice of names, and worked hard to achieve "an amazing brand". In fact, a trademark is only a figure or symbol, and it does not have any special meaning. All its so-called "performance" or "connotation" are "taken for granted" by the designer and owner. To reach a rational and perceptual agreement with consumers, there must be a long-term publicity and the product quality should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Trademark is just a visual symbol system, which helps enterprises and products establish a good interactive relationship with consumers

4. Either they lack design talents, or they place their hopes on professional design companies to obtain a good "trademark" design. However, due to the differences in thinking and understanding, the professional line enterprises and designers cannot communicate comprehensively and effectively. It is often the designers who spend a lot of time, energy and creative ideas to design a work that they think is very good. However, the enterprises think that the trademark is not new or does not conform to the characteristics of the industry, so they "veto it with one vote", Finally, the trademark that came into being became "Sibuxiang" which is convenient for small and medium-sized aluminum based new material projects; the proposed metal surface treatment center and the completed sewage treatment plant in the concentration area ", not to mention the connotation of products and companies

the main configuration of the total pressure testing machine is divided into three parts. The trademarks in the professional line market are more "clones", more identical, and more non creative. As mentioned above, the trademark is an effective carrier of the product and the company's image, concept, and purpose. It must be image, which can show the company's concept to the greatest extent, and can also be significantly different from other trademarks, so as to become an innovative, unique Individuals with rich connotations. How can we design such a trademark? Talent, capital, information, communication, innovative thinking... Are all indispensable

II. Use of trademarks

the purpose of designing and creating trademarks is to use them, which is to rely on trademarks to provide the necessary legal basis and identification system for the listing of products. However, in the cosmetics professional line market, the use of trademarks is also worrying

1. According to the data of the national trademark administration department, the trademarks used and circulated without registration account for more than 30% of the total trademarks, and this ratio is even higher in the cosmetics professional line market! As we all know, a trademark can only become a trademark after it has been verified and registered by the relevant national departments, and can also be used in the market. On the one hand, it is convenient for the management of the relevant departments, on the other hand, it is also to prevent the emergence of identical trademarks, so as to protect the interests of all trademark subjects and maintain the market order! However, in the professional line market, a considerable number of trademarks failed to be registered in time, or even did not intend to be registered at all, and products with "trademarks" were sold in the market! There are two reasons for this situation: first, the manufacturer has a very small strength and has the idea of "survival through a narrow gap". Because the products of the professional line are sold through beauty salons, they seldom attract the attention of the industrial and commercial departments. Therefore, the manufacturer thinks that the "risk" is not big, so it doesn't pay attention to the trademark registration and plays the "edge ball"; Second, considering the short life cycle of products in the professional line market, some manufacturers often eliminate a product in oneortwo years, so they have no long-term plan to create a brand and do not register a trademark. In fact, the industry is developing, norms are being established, and government departments are paying more and more attention. As a regular manufacturer, for its own interests and the maturity of the industry, it is still necessary to do a good job before market operation, so as to create its own brand and achieve long-term development

2. Another important reason for the poor use of trademarks in the cosmetics professional line market also lies in its own industry characteristics. As the sales channel of the professional line market is "manufacturer → agent → beauty salon", the attraction and cultivation of end consumers mainly lie in "service" and the word-of-mouth communication among consumers, unlike the daily chemical industry, which must rely on traditional media channels such as television, newspapers and outdoor. In other words, to establish customer loyalty for professional line products, it is not necessary to rely on "trademarks" to narrow the distance with customers, nor does it seem that it is necessary to convey product or enterprise information to consumers through "trademarks". It is natural that the use of trademarks should not be paid attention to

3. The use of trademarks by professional line enterprises is also extremely irregular. It should be said that once a trademark is formed and registered, it must be a fixed pattern, color and font, that is, the so-called "standard color" and "standard word", which are not allowed to be changed or changed at will. However, in the process of using trademarks, professional line enterprises arbitrarily tamper with trademarks in order to match the advertising screen or the color of product packaging. This tampering mainly shows the color, font and mutual proportion of patterns. One reason for this phenomenon is the indifference of enterprises to trademarks. Another reason may also be the unprofessional owners and users of enterprise trademarks. The consequence is that the professional level of the enterprise is low, the confidence of agents is reduced, and consumers are at a loss

(to be continued)

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