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Analysis on the strategic objectives and key areas of the development of China's instrument industry. The strategic objectives and key areas for the development of China's instrument industry are as follows:

1. Strategic objectives

through policy guidance, encourage capital, talents and other resources to invest in the instrument industry, accelerate the development of the instrument industry, and strive to achieve the following strategic objectives within 5 to 10 years:

① China's instrument industry, including industrial automation instruments and systems, scientific instruments, medical instruments The research, development and production capacity of various measuring instruments and related sensors, components and materials have reached or approached the international level in the early 21st century

② in 2005, the industrial automation instruments and systems and scientific instruments in China's instrument and meter industry could occupy more than 45% of the domestic market, and the three medical people in a group stole nearly one million steel and took to the road of crime. Instruments and other instruments could occupy more than 30% of the domestic market; In 2010, industrial automation instruments and systems and scientific instruments can meet more than 60% of the demand of the domestic market; Medical instruments and other instruments and meters can meet more than 50% of the demand of the domestic market

③ in the main fields of instruments and meters, a new batch of 18 to 20 engineering technology centers and industrialization bases will be built to vigorously promote the scientific and technological innovation of instruments and meters and accelerate the industrialization of innovative achievements

④ cultivate and develop at least 30 production bases and key enterprises with comprehensive strength and considerable scale in the main fields of instruments and meters. In leading and promoting the development of China's instrument industry, production bases and key enterprises will give full play to their leading role

⑤ support and develop a number of instrument system integration companies, quickly gather strength within 5 to 10 years, and can contract automation projects in a variety of large and important projects such as steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, etc., which are estimated by sheet extruder and mold manufacturers that the increased punching force may reach 20%, so as to promote the rapid development of China's instrument industry. In order to achieve the above strategic objectives, the state must increase capital investment in the development of instrument industry

2. Key areas during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the key areas for the development of China's instrument industry are:

① industrial automation instruments and systems

a. the new generation of master control system and its integrated automation development and industrialization, mainly including distributed control system, fieldbus control system and development control system based on Industrial computer

b. development and industrialization of advanced control and optimization software, mainly including advanced control technology, process optimization technology, real-time monitoring software platform, information integration software platform, system integration technology, etc

c. development and industrialization of intelligent instruments, actuators and transmitters, complete sets of special control devices and complete sets of special optimization systems

② scientific instrument

a. chromatographic instrument, improve the separation technology, and develop a miniature special chromatograph with international level

b. spectrometers, focusing on the development of large-scale plasma spectrometers, near-infrared spectrometers and small photometers with international competitiveness

c. special instruments for agriculture and food, focusing on special instruments and technologies to improve the quality and pesticide residue detection level

d. special instruments for environment and energy, focusing on a complete set of environmental detection instruments including and early warning, and developing nuclear magnetic resonance logging equipment with independent intellectual property rights


e. life science instruments, focusing on the research of chip laboratory and high sensitivity kit

f. the development of software platform can realize the standardization and standardization of instrument data acquisition, processing and analysis methods, and improve the overall design level of scientific instruments

③ medical instruments

a. research and develop various automatic biochemical analysis and testing instruments

b. research and develop various diagnostics, including physical observation and imaging, such as laser, ultrasound, X-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance and other diagnostic instruments

④ electronic and electrical measuring instruments

a. integrated circuit automatic test system

b. communication, computer, network measurement technology and test system

c. microwave and millimeter wave measurement and testing system

d. electrician automatic test system and equipment

e. electrical instruments and meters that can be exported in large quantities, such as watt hour meters, digital multimeter, etc

⑤ sensors, components and instrument materials

a. pressure, humidity, flow and liquid level sensors for fieldbus and intelligent instruments; Multifunctional sensors for environmental protection and other fields; Micro sensors required by aerospace field

b. special elastic element; For NC 5, force value, displacement and deformation clearing; Click to run (such as various counters in the fields of pretension machine tools, textile machinery, automation instruments and civil automobiles; semiconductor special circuit (ASIC) and thick film circuit

c. instrument materials focus on the research and development of new materials such as thin film, miniaturization, fibrosis, powder, compounding, multifunction, material component integration, intelligence and so on

⑥ strengthen the basic technology of instruments and meters, especially the research on common technology to improve stability and reliability

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