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Lovol heavy industries' the Belt and Road Documentary: Based on China's participation in world development

Lovol heavy industries' the Belt and Road Documentary: Based on China's participation in world development

information on China's construction machinery

. Twothousand years later, the "New Silk Road" is still full of vitality and unprecedented frequent exchanges. However, unlike twothousand years ago, with the in-depth promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, this trade artery is no longer a simple material transaction. Standing at the new intersection of the destiny of China and the world, the leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises represented by Lovol heavy industries are innovating along this national strategic road connecting ancient and modern times to the world

Lovol Arbos participated in the Bologna eima International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

the new silk road to the West and global innovation

as early as 2011, Lovol heavy industries followed the "Silk Road" all the way west to Bologna, an important European industrial town producing Lamborghini and Ferrari. Here, Lovol overseas R & D center, the first overseas R & D center in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, was officially established

three years later, with the help of this innovative R & D platform formed by integrating international high-end talents and technical resources in the hinterland of Europe, Lovol heavy industries completed its first overseas merger and acquisition, a century old European brand Arbos. This brand, which has a history of 120 years, is known as the national treasure brand of Italy and can be called a generation of classics

in just over two years, Lovol heavy industries performed a "hat trick" of mergers and acquisitions in three cities in Europe with the official income of matermacc, a global high-end agricultural machinery enterprise, and Goldoni, a European Orchard tractor manufacturer

During the period of

, Lovol Arbos Europe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lovol heavy industries in Europe, was officially inaugurated, and the localized operation of Chinese agricultural machinery overseas began to achieve a zero breakthrough

it is understood that at present, Lovol heavy industries has more than 400 European employees, accounting for 300000 square meters of industrial area in Europe. Lovol Arbos Europe has initially built itself into a high-end agricultural equipment R & D, procurement, manufacturing, marketing base and operation management center for the European and American markets

from the establishment of the first overseas R & D center in China, to the acquisition of apos, matemark and gordoney, and then to the zero breakthrough in leading the overseas localized operation of Chinese agriculture, Lovol heavy industries has entered the "harvest season" since 2015 after several years of strategic layout

Gordoni tractor won the silver award for professional tractors of "tractor of the year in Europe"

in October 2015, the tractor products of apos 5000, 6000 and 7000 launched by Lovol apos Europe were officially released worldwide, breaking through the "power shift" technology that domestic tractor products can not independently use, and competing with top international brand tractors, It was awarded the "silver medal of tractor of the year in Europe" by a jury composed of tractor industry institutions from 23 European countries. This is the first international award for domestic agricultural machinery products

in November, 2016, the Gordoni tractor of Lovol Arbos group won another honor and was awarded the silver award for professional tractors of the year in Europe. Although in the eyes of Westerners, "made in China" has not completely got rid of the impression of low-end manufacturing, Lovol's excellent products with originality still make them feel the innovation potential of a large manufacturing country

if we say that the continuous winning of international awards is the growth of Lovol heavy industries and the beginning of international recognition of China's high-end intelligent manufacturing of agricultural machinery, then domestic agriculture and farmers are the fruits of Lovol heavy industries' global innovation. From the acquisition and investment of champions and "little giant" enterprises in European territories with leading technology, we will bring this technology back to the larger domestic market. Lovol heavy industries' innovation is not only going out, but also bringing in. For example, Arbos tractor and Matt Mack agricultural machinery have filled many gaps in the field of domestic agricultural machinery, such as power shift and precision seeder, changed the situation that China's core technology in the field of high-end agricultural machinery has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, promoted the expansion of China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high end of the value chain, and really fed back the modernization of domestic agriculture

deeply cultivate the "the Belt and Road" and move towards world-class goals

the premise of harvest is the investment and dedication of innovation. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Lovol heavy industries continued to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, taking 3%-5% of sales revenue as R & D funds every year. In recent years, Lovol heavy industries has invested more than 3billion yuan in R & D funds

in addition to the western developed European economic circle, Lovol heavy industry is also active at the other end of the "the Belt and Road", which runs through Asia, Europe and Africa. In the construction machinery business segment, Lovol heavy industries also follows the globalization development mode with Lovol characteristics. In 2011, Lovol heavy industries established a Japanese construction machinery R & D center, focusing on breaking through the key technologies of construction machinery such as hydraulic pressure and electric control, and continuously promoting the globalization strategy oriented by product technology innovation

if the full load Lovol harvest is not zero, click the hardware conditioning button to drive the logistics transport vehicle out of Lovol heavy industry plant and print out; In order to ensure the operation of the global R & D system, Lovol heavy industries has established a unified development process, development methods, tools and standards based on the study of foreign advanced product R & D processes and the operation characteristics of various R & D businesses, forming a standardized development model. This makes the R & D of construction machinery products fully infuse the global R & D concept and technical connotation

through the strategic layout of global high-quality resources, the "brain and intelligence" in the world, and the integration of international high-end human and intellectual resources, Lovol has begun to fully realize "internationalization" in the innovation and development of star products of heavy industrial and agricultural equipment and engineering machinery, forming a synchronous global R & D system and industry-leading scientific and technological innovation capability. Scientific and technological innovation has become the "soft power" of Lovol brand competition

as the pioneer of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Lovol heavy industries' operation mode in the the Belt and Road is commendable in terms of global innovation; In terms of general trade, Lovol heavy industries' the Belt and Road has also won great achievements in actual combat. At present, Lovol products have been sold in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the exports related to the "the Belt and Road" account for more than 50% of the company's total exports

on August 12, 2016, Lovol heavy industries, China Communications Construction, Qingdao port strategic cooperation and the first batch of equipment delivery instruments for Pakistan project were held in Lovol engineering machinery Qingdao factory. The first batch of Lovol loaders were delivered, and the flagship project of the "the Belt and Road" - China Pakistan Economic Corridor was officially launched by the "the Belt and Road" express

on December 7, 2016, the "the Belt and Road · China Africa cooperation" implemented the "Sino Soviet agricultural modernization cooperation plan" and the delivery ceremony of 800 harvesters for Lovol's Sudanese customers was held in Lovol's factory. This is also the largest grain harvesting machinery equipment order delivered overseas at one time in China. In the context of the national strategic deployment of the "the Belt and Road", Lovol heavy industries has strengthened agricultural cooperation with many African countries, and its export has developed from the single product export stage to the overall solution stage for modern agriculture in Africa

in recent years, Lovol heavy industries has orderly promoted the upgrading of the full value chain capabilities of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service, actively expanded its "circle of friends" in countries along the the Belt and Road, such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe, and joined forces with Chinese enterprises such as China's transportation construction and Qingdao port to go abroad, continuously participated in infrastructure construction in countries along the the Belt and Road, and invested in the development of data processing and analysis sources using computers, Big orders have been successively obtained along the the Belt and Road

wangguimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, told the author: "the the Belt and Road strategy enables Lovol heavy industries to gradually participate in the main dance stage of world equipment manufacturing while based at home, driving the upgrading of enterprise product technology and breakthroughs in overseas markets. It is an important platform for Lovol's globalization strategy.". With the strategic acceleration of globalization, the goal of Lovol heavy industries as the world leader in off-road walking machinery and equipment is slowly expanding with the layout of the "the Belt and Road", said guobozhi, deputy general manager of COMAC and general manager of COMAC. (this article is from Lovol heavy industries)

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