How to resolve the taboo of house decoration

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Taboo 1: the center is polluted

interpretation: it refers to that the central part of the house should not be used as a toilet

Feng Shui: if the central part of the house is used as a toilet, it will be like the accumulation of waste in the human heart. The owner is unlucky and easy to get sick. If the toilet happens to be in the middle of the house, it is not suitable to choose as a residence. If the toilet is not located in the center of the house, but is located in the center of the rear half of the house, which is just in line with the gate, it is not suitable to choose as a residence, which may lead to financial loss

scientific disclosure: in fact, in the house type design with reasonable layout, the toilet should have an external window, which is to facilitate the discharge of sewage gas. However, if the toilet is in the center of the house, the air is not easy to circulate. On the one hand, the odor released from the toilet will affect the mood of residents. On the other hand, excreta may contain ingredients harmful to human body, and the owner is easy to get sick

solution: placing Taishan stone is the most effective solution

taboo 2: household door three taboos

interpretation: the main door of the room, that is, the household door should not be directly facing the kitchen, toilet and master bedroom

Feng Shui said: don't see the stove when you open the door, "open the door and see the stove, money is wasted". That is, when you see the stove at the entrance, your anger rushes towards you, making wealth unable to enter. When you open the door, don't see the toilet. As soon as you enter the door, you see the toilet, which is like dirty gas welcoming people. Don't open the door and see the couch. The door into the house is facing the master's bedroom. The master is so dangerous that it is not conducive to gathering wealth

uncover the secrets of Science: the air at home is cleaner than the outside world, and it is inevitable to carry all kinds of bacteria after entering the house from the outside. If the door is facing the kitchen, the air flow of the door may blow bacteria into the kitchen. The kitchen is the place for cooking, so if this layout is maintained for a long time, the owner is prone to respiratory and esophageal diseases. If the door is facing the master bedroom, it is not conducive to the cleaning of the bedroom air. More importantly, in case of gangsters entering the house, the owner of the house will be injured at the first time

cracking method: placing peach Chinese knots is the most effective way to resolve. According to different situations, you can also choose peach peace bottles

taboo 3: empty beside the bed

interpretation: "empty beside the bed" means that the bed is placed in the center of the house, or it is empty around and does not rely on the wall

Feng Shui: the bed is suitable to be placed in the corner of the bedroom, and the more sides against the wall, the more suitable, because the corner of the room is inclined to the door, which is the place in the house where the wind and gas can be stored most, which is conducive to the owner's career and wealth

uncover the secrets of Science: Traditionally, it is not easy to see the situation in front of the head when lying flat, so the head of the bed should be against the wall to avoid exposure and reduce the sense of security. Especially when the bedside is empty, the subconscious will lack a sense of security, resulting in dreaminess at night, reduced sleep quality, and prone to depression during the day

solution: leaning against the wall at the head of the bed is one of the important methods to eliminate the hanging at the head of the bed. You can also place a bookcase at the head of the bed to dissolve the emptiness, but it is best not to place sundries on the top of the bookcase, so as to avoid psychological shadow and affect the quality of sleep

taboo 4: bedside against the window

interpretation: the bedside is placed under the window or on the wall near the window

Feng Shui: the window is the place for Qi to go in and out, so it is easy to rush when the head of the bed is close to the window. People in bed are easy to lack a sense of security because they can't see the window in front of their head, causing mental tension and affecting their health

uncover the secrets of Science: windows are like the eyes of a room, especially when sleeping at night, the light outside the room is dark, but the light inside the room is bright. Lying flat or leaning on your back, in such an environment, you will feel that you are stared at by your eyes, and you can't see the change of this dangerous place at all, causing anxiety. On the other hand, the window is a place with the strongest airflow and light, which has a great dynamic image and has a great impact on sleep. Human energy is easy to lose, so it is also very harmful to the health of the body

cracking method: put the Third Prince of the dragon in the wind of ridicule. The wind of ridicule is the most effective way to resolve it

taboo 5: seat back window

interpretation: the office desk or desk at home should not be placed with its back against the door and window, but against the wall

Feng Shui: from the perspective of Feng Shui, the first principle of good feng shui is "mountains surround water", so there must be a backer behind the seat to be conducive to the career of workers. The so-called "backer" in the office is a wall. Seats should lean against the wall as much as possible. It is best not to leave too much space between the wall and the seat. The door is the only place for people to enter and exit. The doors and windows are both the air outlet of the office and the place to receive gas, including anger and evil spirit. If a person sits with his back behind the door and has no support behind his seat, there will be a miscellaneous impact of people coming and going behind him

uncover the secrets of Science: in fact, if you lean against the doors and windows that often pass through people, you will often hear the footsteps, noise and other noises of pedestrians interfere with your work at work, and it is also easy to expose your work process and even work secrets to others' vision. You may also be frightened by sudden sounds or pranks. Even the outer windows of high-rise buildings make people feel uneasy because of direct light from behind. Therefore, the chair backs against the wall and the office desk is facing the open ground, which can ensure that even when you work with your head down, the afterlight can observe everything around you, which can help you concentrate. In addition, having a broad vision in front of you also helps to broaden your thinking when you look up and think

cracking method: put Taishan stone or the Third Prince of the dragon in derisive wind to dissolve it

taboo 6: door bed to mirror

interpretation: the placement of mirrors at home needs attention, not directly facing the door or inner door, and not directly facing the bed

Feng Shui says: the mirror has the function of reflection. On Feng Shui, it can reflect the evil spirit back, so it can block the evil spirit. But the mirror facing the door will shine evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, which brings bad luck. And the bed is the place where people stay the most time in their life, so don't treat the bed

uncover the secrets of Science: on the one hand, when you suddenly see yourself in the mirror after opening the door, you are easy to be frightened. Even if you are used to the position of the mirror, you will be scared when you are drunk, tired and other mentally distracted. In addition, the door is the entrance to another open area, and the mirror on the opposite side will make people pay attention to the front and back directions all the time. After distraction, they will not be able to pay attention to other corners of the room. Living in this living environment is not only easy to cause anxiety, but also may cause mental illness. Especially when the mirror is facing the door, people wake up from sleep and are easily frightened by themselves reflected in the mirror or floor to ceiling windows when their consciousness is not very clear

solution: cover the mirror with a cloth when not in use

taboo 7: the stove is close to the water

interpretation: the stove should not be placed close to the water source, but should be placed separately from the pool

Feng Shui: the stove must avoid water, which has two meanings. First, because the stove and the dishwashing basin represent the water and fire in the five elements respectively, don't put them close together, and separate the buffer belt such as the vegetable cutting table in the middle, so as to avoid disharmony. If possible, other water-based appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, should also be made not close to the stove. Secondly, don't sit on the stove from south to north. Because the north is water, you should avoid water and fire attack your heart. The stove must also be sheltered from the wind, and should not be directly facing the door and window. If it is on the air outlet, it is easy to cause a fire countercurrent and lead to household danger

scientific revelation: the saying that stoves should be far away from water sources, like other Feng Shui taboos, originated in ancient China. In fact, this can be explained by the most basic junior high school chemistry knowledge. Ancient people used coal as the fire source for cooking, and the temperature of carbon combustion was very high. When water splashed on the high-temperature carbon, it would produce carbon monoxide, and the unstable air flow was also easy to cause incomplete combustion of coal and produce carbon monoxide, resulting in gas poisoning

cracking method: Peach safe bottle, the best way to resolve, that is, hang the peach safe bottle





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