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The era of entrepreneurship is coming. For entrepreneurs in the building materials industry, the blue ocean of the building materials industry is the customized door and window industry. Joining a good door and window brand will be your winning choice. Meizhixuan doors and windows, nanny service, create a leading brand, create diamond doors and windows for you, and invite you to share wealth and business opportunities

brand power

as a large modern enterprise specializing in the production of systematic doors and windows, meizhixuan has always insisted on providing high-quality products and considerate services for the majority of consumers, and has been recognized and trusted by people from all walks of life in the industry and customer partners. It has won the "China famous brand", "China top 500 pan household enterprises", "China recommended brand for engineering construction", "Foshan consumer satisfaction unit" More than 500 awards, including "honorary certificate of Foshan Quality Inspection Association", "ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification", fully reflect the strong brand competitive advantage

manufacturing power

meizhixuan doors and windows, focusing on the production of medium and high-end bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows and all aluminum home furnishings, has an independent modern production and manufacturing base and marketing service center, a large o2o super exhibition hall of more than 2000 square meters, and the strength guarantee of more than 1000 dealers all over the country

the company has more than 10 product technology patents, focusing on door and window design, R & D, production, transportation, service and other aspects. Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing system, ERP order system and professional 3D design software are renowned in the industry for their technology and quality

product power

meizhixuan doors and windows, has always pursued the concept of independent research and development, design and production, introduced a full set of foreign advanced production and processing equipment for large-scale production, has a complete product system, covering aluminum alloy doors and windows, sunshine room and other full range products, more than 30 series, more than 30 colors, more than 5000 glass colors, more than 10000 products, and can also be customized to meet the diversified needs of different users

the door and window products are made of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum alloy profiles, automotive grade double-layer safety tempered glass, high-quality hardware accessories, and environmentally friendly sealing and assembly materials. The products are beautiful, superior in performance, sound and heat insulation, safe and environmentally friendly, reliable and durable, which is in line with the development trend of future doors and windows. All products, ranging from aluminum and glass of doors and windows to hardware accessories, have been tested to ensure the excellent quality from raw materials to finished products. Craftsman level fine workmanship, and every detail of the splicing corner should be kept improving, so that every door and window product can become a work of art

channel power

beautiful choice doors and windows, after more than ten years of precipitation, have created a complete set of production and operation, service management, policy support system. The nanny assistance system, with subsidies for decoration, guidance for opening, training for sales, and worry free throughout the whole process of opening a store, is staffed from beginning to end to help customers in the whole process, so as to solve their worries. With the cooperative attitude of integrity alliance, mutual benefit, win-win market, sharing results, common progress and common development, meizhixuan provides dealers with high-quality products and services, and enables each dealer to achieve both fame and wealth through a good distribution management system

with the advent of the Internet + era, meizhixuan implements three-dimensional channel promotion of "Online + offline" and "headquarters + exclusive stores" ************************************************************************************************************, Regional exclusive operation protection, together with red star Macalline and other building materials and home furnishing channel giants, accelerate the construction and expansion of terminal channels, stabilize the door and window market, and explore the blue ocean of door and window customization

in the future, meizhixuan doors and windows will continue to integrate the hard power of the group's production with the soft power of brand operation, deepen brand upgrading, product upgrading, service upgrading and channel upgrading, adhere to product quality in the spirit of craftsman, create a leading brand with nanny service, provide quality home enjoyment for consumers, and lead dealers to grasp the truth of wealth and create a better future

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