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Too many decoration companies? Which one should I choose? Each family has its own unique craft, how to compare? Recently, the reporter received many similar problems during the interview. Most consumers were troubled by these problems before decoration. The reporter received many similar problems during the interview. For ordinary consumers without professional decoration knowledge, decoration consumption can be said to be the most “ One of the tiring things is that before and after the decoration, consumers should not only bother to find a home decoration company to understand the decoration process, but also buy materials, furniture, soft decoration, etc. &hellip& hellip; In the meantime, we have to deal with all kinds of traps to prevent all kinds of situations, but it is still difficult to prevent in the end. So everyone talks about “ Decoration color changes. In fact, it is not difficult to easily decorate. The simplest way is to understand that if decoration is compared to a war, only knowing yourself and the enemy can we win every battle

the first step to understand the decoration is to understand the process. As we all know, technology is the guarantee of quality, and although construction technology is a very quantitative standard, it is very difficult for consumers to monitor quantification in the actual operation process. Many decoration companies give owners the budget book, there is no description of the process, even if there is a very simple few words. Therefore, there are many uncertain factors, giving some bad decoration companies the opportunity to cut corners. Therefore, the reporter suggests that when reviewing the decoration quotation, if you find that there is no description of the construction process above, or the description of the construction process is very simple, then the decoration company needs to modify the quotation and specify the construction process, the more detailed it is, the better

in the interview, Mr. Huang told reporters that he had learned a lot of common sense about decoration before decoration. He looked and listened more, understood the construction technology of many decoration companies, and learned and planned in advance. Then, according to the population of the family and the living conditions of the family and the changes of the family in the next few years, first determine the layout and style suitable for your family, and plan how to plan. There is a theme, but it is best to plan all the details. After the whole process, decoration is no longer a toss

it can be seen that blind decoration is not feasible. If you don't have time to understand the process of the decoration company, then when choosing designers, you must choose designers with life experience. Some designers who only pay attention to the surface and don't pay attention to the process make good-looking renderings, but in fact it doesn't help the decoration much. Designers should have certain life experience or be engaged in this industry for at least 3 years. Without actual life experience, many problems are unexpected, and some inconvenient factors will be brought after decoration





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