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Li Xiang was loved by many audiences when she hosted "happy camp". When she was called "the first sister of Hunan", she resolutely left Hunan Satellite TV and broke into the business world with her bag at the peak of her career. Since she married Wang yuelun, she retired from the screen and was at ease with her husband and children. A few years ago, Li Xiang gradually appeared in front of the public after Wang yuelun and his daughter Wang Shiling participated in the filming of "where is Dad going?". Li Xiang's comeback can be described as a combination of fame and wealth. Not long ago, the media exposed the video of his daughter Wang Shiling dancing at home, and Li Xiang's mansion was also exposed. Next, uncle octopus will show you how the mansion of Hunan first sister is decorated

it can be seen from the gate that although it is only the tip of the iceberg, Li Xiang's mansion is luxuriously decorated, with bright marble floors on the ground, European classical tables against the wall, and a lamp engraved with blue and white patterns on it

the European classical style used in the living room. The French window is covered by light green curtains, and beside it is a pot of trees taller than everyone. Next to the tree is a cabinet with a strong classical style, which is filled with all kinds of works of art. Li Xiang put his hand on the dark brown leather sofa to watch his daughter dance, while Wang yuelun sat on the soft beige cloth sofa. The tea table is made of solid wood, and many of them are vintage log colors. The whole living room gives people a feeling of massiness and atmosphere. The most striking thing in the living room is the ceiling chandelier, which is very gorgeous, but I'm afraid the price is not low

Wang Shiling stood in front of the TV cabinet and danced. The TV cabinet is carved with exquisite patterns, on which is placed a super large LCD TV. There is not much decoration on the TV background wall, but some vertical stripes are carved around it

since it is early morning, although the light in the master bedroom is insufficient, its decoration style can be roughly seen. The big bed in European court style and the lamp on the bedside table are small and exquisite, emitting warm light

children's room. The sheets and quilts with broken flowers look cute, and the light on the bedside table is also very soft. There are photos of Wang Shiling on the wall. There are a lot of plush toys in the corner. The whole room is like a princess room

some netizens broke the news that this is only one of Li Xiang's many real estate properties. After leaving Hunan Satellite TV and happy camp, Li Xiang not only has his own career and makes his career prosperous, but also pays more attention to his family. Bless them





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