On the task and significance of design

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Talking about the task and significance of design (Part I)

the uneasiness of design

all design mentions 3. During operation, it is not allowed to stretch hands or sticks into the mixing material pocket or clear the mortar at the mouth of the material pocket. It is considered that the price is the same as the product, market, accounting and commercial functions, and the same management skills are required. Some managers will react in two ways, instead of ignoring all kinds of evidence and rejecting the importance of design, Or the importance of design can be recognized, but it will still be added to other projects. Managers will not dream of letting the financial situation or personal decisions on products go down (for example), or they may shorten the distance from anything that design can do

the reasons for aversion to design usually focus on practical and cultural explanations. The controversial point is that managers typically feel great difficulty and anxiety when making decisive judgments about good or bad, or appropriate or inappropriate design, because their technical knowledge seems to be obtained from analytical rules (such as machinery or accounting). Often, they deal with cases related to non similar design concepts, outstanding visual (better than handwritten) information, and subjective evaluation of formulaic needs without being prepared. In particular, they will not evaluate the results of design cases

other explanations are the niche of appearance. Color and appearance will be regarded as the main female key points, but many men can't apply it (or propose it is not suitable). Because management is still controlled by men, especially high-level executives, who lack a love for design, another cultural influence may be related; In terms of education, the early specialized means directly non academic related creative topics, such as art design and handicraft study, which deprives smart students of the opportunity to develop technologies in related fields

this part may be implemented in the industry and many obvious companies - even if some companies rely on the good design that reform can revitalize the company, they all need to be managed by people who can manage and control accounting and devote themselves to existing activities rather than cultivating new ideas

no matter what the gist of these explanations is, there is no doubt that there will be some anxiety when it is necessary to make decisions about the design and management of design cases. What is needed to achieve good design results is no longer uncertainty but other management work

the key to the success of accelerating the supply side structural reform lies in the full preparation before the design case starts and the control when the design starts to operate. Many unsuccessful designs occur because managers do not have a clear concept of what they need to achieve, or because they are unable to step by step to determine whether the plan will have the correct results, The direction and control of design must be formulated by most of the company's senior executives. However, a small number of companies clearly identify the design through the Council's theme cognition, and even a small number of companies assign specific design to managers, but most of them fabricate the design as an important thing

managers and designers have different views

when managers and designers try to understand each other's views, their mentality is changing, but they are still interested in the conflict of target gambling culture. For the managers who have reached a consensus, design is a resource that can increase the added value of products and services. If used properly, like spending money wisely on advertising or the streamline of manufacturing lines, the investment in design can generate good profits and increase the profit rate of an enterprise; On the contrary, designers will focus on other priorities in their work and oppose attempts to measure the results of their efforts in financial and planning projects

dialogue with designers can sometimes show broader concerns, such as the desire to improve the environment. Therefore, it is a security device to improve the public's taste in art and design, or even to help social or political change. However, managers may focus on these projects better or less. Their main design interest is almost invariably called "design for benefit". In succession, there are more and more differences in what is good or bad design. In the market, it is said that good design is simply defined as good sales, but sometimes designers criticize popular designs and replace them with award-winning design results, which seems difficult to understand and impractical from a secular perspective

even though their views are so divergent, when design magazines and Design Awards plan product features such as furniture, they are easy to illustrate. Mass sales projects have rarely been covered, even though they may be purchased by millions of consumers, showing higher value of money and providing a lot of job opportunities and prospects. There are some commercial potential in those photos that seem to be full of strange themes. Some unusual and weird ideas may provide a goal for evaluating new directions. Unfortunately, the changes of daily things are sometimes completely incomprehensible to non designers, and it is difficult to find that designers can simply explain the process, which is not a technical language

it is extremely important to raise these questions, because the fundamental basis of these future prospects is that design is regarded as a commercial resource and an important decisive factor in the competition for commercial interests. This does not mean that non-profit or non-commercial organizations have different design purposes, but the skills to determine the design direction are the same, The designers of the briefing and the cases in operation are the same

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