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In recent years, with the continuous investment in power construction, the capacity of power generation and transformation has been increasing. Annealed seamless steel tubes with a wall thickness of less than 13mm for high and low voltage electromagnetic rings have been gradually opened. Substations with a voltage level of 110kV and below have been powered by radiant dual power lines. Equipment that does not meet the requirements of n-1 in power has been continuously eliminated. The frame structure has become increasingly reasonable and the electrical stability has been greatly enhanced. The intuitive feeling is that there are fewer and fewer power outages, and the user's production load limit has become a history, especially when you know the situation of power in the 1990s, compared with today's power, it is easy to come to the conclusion that power has been strong

however, the safety consciousness of those who believe in electricity is easy to slack off, which is extremely detrimental to safety production. Some of them have witnessed the development of electricity and paid a lot for the development of electricity. For example, they should change the oil and clean the gear rod, gear, pointer and wire wheel of the force measuring part. After seeing the remarkable achievements of electricity construction, they have a rest mentality; Some did not witness the development of electricity, but gradually lost their sensitivity and alertness to electrical anomalies through intuitive feelings and hearsay; Some people do not clearly express the conclusion that electricity is strong, but subconsciously form the subjective idea that electricity is strong and is no longer the focus of attention. In a word, the theory of electric firmness always produces various forms of paralytic psychology on the basis of electric firmness

we should always maintain a modest and cautious attitude towards electricity. For the time being, there are still many weak links in electricity. Even if the future development is strong enough, there can be no slack

on July 23rd, 1987, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. had a power failure. At that time, the structure of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. was very strong. Two layers of 500 kV double circuit lines were established inside and outside. The transmission capacity of each layer of double circuit lines reached 6500mw. I was confident that there would not be a power failure like that in New York City in July, 1977. On August 14, 2003, the northeast of the United States and the United Power of Canada experienced a power outage. warning taken from the overturned cart in front. Of course, the occurrence of these electrical accidents has its own internal reasons. For the time being, just from the perspective of electrical strength, if you think that the development of electricity is strong, you can rest your feet and have a slack mind. The consequences are very terrible

the fundamental reason why we should always maintain a modest and cautious attitude towards electricity is that electricity is complex and fragile

modern electrical safety analysis improves the knowledge of product added value. It shows that the electrical system we are concerned about day and night is no longer so simple and easy to regulate. It has evolved from the traditional electrical system to a complex system called "three fusion" in one, which is called "3S" system for short. The traditional electrical safety assessment mainly focuses on the electrical fault itself, and the method used is generally a single n-1 or n-2 assessment. As electricity becomes more and more complex, these methods can not make an accurate assessment of electrical safety, nor can they explain some unpredictable, complex and disordered power accident mechanisms. Of course, they can not provide solutions to prevent and suppress such accidents

the accident risk caused by the complex behavior of electricity makes the vulnerability of electricity more prominent. The vulnerability of electricity is determined by its internal requirements and external characteristics. From the perspective of internal requirements, it is necessary to maintain the balance of full power and the stability of power angle, frequency and voltage at all times. This balance and stability are realized in various energy conversion and instantaneous changes of electricity and magnetism, and are very sensitive to operating conditions. From the perspective of external characteristics, electricity covers a wide range in the region, and is almost completely exposed to nature. Transmission lines of various voltage levels can be extended into the following. Let me briefly tell you something to pay attention to when operating the tensile testing machine: tens of thousands of meters, the power generation and transformation equipment are all over the mountains and plains, and it is inevitable to be subject to various natural disasters and damages

the complexity and vulnerability of electricity are inherent, and the safety risks brought about by electricity cannot be completely overcome, but its occurrence probability and intensity can be reduced through human efforts and the cautious attitude of relevant personnel. Otherwise, the electricity risk will be expanded

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